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  SPLATSHOTS, a subsidiary of Line of Fire Paintfields, which covers southeastern area tournaments and provides high-resolution digital images to players, paintball companies and the paintball media. Check it out.

  Since 2007 LOF has teamed up with local GAMESTOP stores to offer players reduced entry fees to theme days and special events centered around video games. Thanks to GAMESTOP for all their support. Play the game at GAMESTOP.....Live the game at LOF! POWER TO THE PLAYERS!

  Jason 'Foolybear' Lineberger's personal blog covering nothing but scenario ball. Part of Tango Alpha 2's website.

  CPPA (Christian Paintball Players Association) is an organization for Christian Paintballers whose focus is on spreading the Gospel.

  TIPPMANN PNEUMATICS, manufacturer of high quality paintball markers backed by a customer service department that is second to none. The Tippmann A-5 is our 'upgrade' rental at Line of Fire and the choice weapon of Section 8 (LOF's scenario team). Line of Fire is also a certified TIPPMANN TECH CENTER.

  KINGMAN INTERNATIONAL, the distributor of the 'gun that changed paintball as we know it' in 1994. The 'Spyder' series is still the single most copied gun design in the paintball universe and the 'stock' rental at Line of Fire.

  Component Concepts, maker of the Phantom, THE very best in pump markers. Look no further...there's none better!

  J & J Performance, produces many high quality barrels that fit almost any paintball marker available.

 CROSSFIRE (a division of Flare Fittings) makes high quality 'nitro' and high pressure air (HPA) systems for paintball markers. LOF helped create the Crossfire Company. Unfortunately, they won't sell tanks and regulators separately.

  REDZ COMFORT GEAR manufacturer of the best ball hauling harnesses and other soft goods in paintball.

  DYE PRECISION, the 'Abercrombie' of paintball, cranks out some of the best quality goods in the paintball realm.

  AIRGUN DESIGNS, makers of the legendary 68 Automag, MiniMag, Sydarm and the Tac One.

Non Paintball Sites

      Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Always Good News
      A New Beginning with Greg Laurie daily Christian Radio Program
      In Touch Ministries Dr. Charles Stanley daily Christian Radio Program