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             Here's how to plan your LOF trip...

             First, make sure all your players are 10 years of age or older as LOF does not allow anyone under the age of 10 on our fields. Next, decide what and how much equipment you need to rent so you can determine the cost of your outing at LOF. Then, decide when you would like to play and check our 'Calendar Page' for availability as you may want to avoid or target Theme Days and Special Events. Once you've decided who's coming, how much it will cost and when you're coming, go to the 'Waivers Page' and fill out all the necessary forms for each player. Having these completed before you arrive will speed up the registration process and get you on the field playing much faster. As everyone must sit through a safety briefing (no matter how many times you've been here before) it's a good idea to look over our 'Rules Page' and have any questions ready to ask during the briefing.



             Here's what to expect on your LOF trip...

             A great time! We constantly run games throughout the day non-stop, so don't worry if you can't show up until lunch time. Even if other players are breaking for lunch, there's usually plenty still playing that you can join in with.



             After your LOF trip...

             If it's your first time, let us know what you thought of our sport. If you're a returning player, let us know how your day was. Don't forget if you purchased an All-Day Airfill to get your last 'going home' fill. A lot of players forget to do this. When you get home, tell your friends about your trip to LOF and share your pictures (posted on our SPLATSHOTS Facebook Page) with them.