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             12/06/18 - Okay, due to the predicted weather for this weekend, LOF will: 1) Move the REINDEER GAMES to Sat., Dec. 15 (10am to 6pm) 2) Open for play on Sat., Dec 8 at 10am with expectations to close early (as soon as weather starts). 3) Give all players a FREE walk-on with the purchased of All Day Air and a bag of paint. 4) Close on Sunday, Dec. 9.

             12/03/18 - Congrats to the Grinch (Dan Rice), Max (Joseph Lawter) and the horde of gremlins on their win last Sunday at the SANTA vs GRINCH Theme Day. The final score was 2300 to 3550. Don't think for a minute that this wasn't a hard fought battle. When the 3-horn blast sounded on the last mission, ending the game, Grinch had succesfully delivered 6 objects to the correct buildings in the 'city' field, but Santa (Thomas Sweezy), Rudolph (Zack Lail) and the elves had delivered 5 toys and the 6th was mere steps away from being delivered. Talk about a 'photo finsh'! Unfortunately, it was so dark when the game ended that photos are not available. You can check out 'action' shots from throughout the day on our 'SPLATSHOTS' FaceBook page. Congrats to all the winners in our giveaways, to Dustin Bailey for 'Best Dressed', to Jeremy Oliver (MVP for Grinch) and Matt McMahan (MVP for Santa) who both won Proto Rize markers for their efforts. Players, don't forget that if you used our 'online' pre-registration option, you get a FREE Walk-On to this Saturday's REINDEER GAMES (10am to 6pm). We may move the REINDEER GAMES to Saturday, Dec. 15 due to the forecasted weather for this Saturday. An announcement will be made this Thursday letting everyone know what the final date is. Thanks again to our 'special' characters for playing their parts. Dan for his 4th year playing a part. Joseph Lawter and Zach Lail for jumpimg in for their first year, and to Thomas Sweezy, who was drafted at the last minute when our Santa failed to show. Thanks to the 4F Squad for reffing the event, to Charity Salyers for brining cakes and cupcakes and mostly to you, the players, for being the heart of our games.

             12/01/18 - Okay, so everybody has one more day to prepare for SANTA vs GRINCH which will take place tomorrow. Don't miss out on this historic game. The last SvG theme day EVER at LOF!! This year's tie breaker (the score stands at Santa: 8 and Grinch:8) will determine FOREVER who has the rights to Christmas. Get your game plans together, work on your costumes or just come by the store and make purchases. The play fields are closed today, but the retail store is open from 12pm to 5pm. A great time to shop without a bunch of players filling up the store. Guns, tanks, masks, gift cards, and lots of other goodies for Christmas are available.

             11/30/18 - Looks like we'll be moving the Santa vs Grinch (SvG) Theme Day to Sunday, Dec. 2. We'll open at 10am and start the game at 11am. There are still some spots left and we're sure a few more will open up with the schedule change. LOF will be closed tomorrow (Sat., Dec. 1). Sorry for any inconveniences, but weather is not something we order or control. Not yet!

             11/25/18 - It's the last day to pre-register for the 'early bird' package and save $25 on the SANTA vs. GRINCH Theme Day next Saturday. That ($55 option) will close tonight (Dec. 25) at midnight. The 'Spot Saver' ($25 option) will remain available until Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 12 midnight. We had lots of players (online, walk-on's and call in's) secure their spot today. Don't miss out on this 'tie-breaking' event!!! The score stands at Santa: 8 and Grinch:8. This year's 17th annual SvG will put one team ahead in the record books. Come be a part and make a difference in this amazing game. Go to and sign up today! We're adding daily to the 'giveaways' and there are some great prizes to be had. Don't forget that the 'Best Dressed' player goes home with a FREE case of high grade paintballs!! Dress up like one of Santa's elves, Grinch's gremlins or any Christmas character and play in costume to be considered for the paint!

             11/23/18 - WOW! Looks like everybody was waiting for Thanksgiving to start pre-registering for the SANVA vs. GRINCH THEME DAY. Spot were disappearing fast yesterday. Word to the wise, If you wanna play in this years SvG, we suggest signing up ASAP! Everybody have a great day. Eat some left over turkey and get ready to sling paint this Saturday! Don't forget that everybody who pre-register online for SvG, gets a FREE walk-on to come back on Sat., Dec 8 for REINDEER GAMES!!

             11/22/18 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all! We hope evryone gets to spend time with ones they love today and reflect on everything they have to be thankful for. LOF will be closed today and Friday but will resume normal operating hours this Saturday.

             11/15/18 - HOLIDAY REMINDER! It's never too early to order Christmas presents from Line of Fire Paintball! In fact, the earlier, the better. We can have most items in within 3 days and stock tends to run lower and lower the closer the special day gets. Why buy from LOF? Not only do you get the lowest (legal) price on items, but on markers, you get LOF's Life-Time Labor Free Warranty and most items in the store over $40 come with 'Bonus Ball Points' that can be redeemed for FREE walk-ons at LOF! The 'Big Box' stores and online outlets can't give you that!!! Stop in or give us a call. We order every Monday and Friday from now until Christmas.

             11/12/18 - We had some GREAT games this past weekend. Some of the best 'Center Control' games EVER! Congrats to Matthew McMahan and Jessica Surrett who both won a FREE pass to the upcoming Santa vs. Grinch Theme Day on Dec. 1. If you want to play in this year's SvG, you better go to and lock in your spot ASAP! There are only 65 spots available and they're disappearing FAST!

             11/07/18 - Make sure and pre-register for our annual SANTA vs. GRINCH THEME DAY (Dec. 1) at Sign up ASAP to save money and lock in your spot in this 65-player 'limited' game. When all the spots are gone, they are GONE and SvG always sells out! And, don't forget, if you pre-register online, you get a FREE walk-on to our 'Reindeer Games' on Sat., Dec 8!! Pre-registration will close on Sunday, Nov. 25. Meanwhile, we are running regular store/field hours for the rest of the year.

             11/01/18 - Wow! November already?! It's that time of year again. Time to go kick some Warsaw butt! Our own 4F SQUAD scenario paintball team will take their annual journey to Command Decisions Wargame Center in Taylorsville, NC to play for the NATO side in the FULDA GAP game. Last year ended in a tie after two long, hard-fought days of paintball. That being said, LOF will be closed this weekend (Nov. 3-4). We will return to normal operating hours on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Make sure and pre-register for our annual SANTA vs. GRINCH THEME DAY (Dec. 1) at Sign up ASAP to save money and lock in your spot in this 65-player 'limited' game. When all the spots are gone, they are GONE and SvG always sells out!

             10/28/18 - Thanks to everyone who came out and played and just stopped by yesterday to help us celebrate another trip around the sun. It was great seeing all our old veteran 'family' members and making some new friends. Congrats to all the winners in our giveaways. Hope to see you all back soon using your new equipment. Thanks to G.I Sportz and Valken for the goodies they supplied for our players. Thanks to Greg Lawter for slaving over a hot stove all day to keep us all fed, to the 4F Squad for reffing and keeping the games flowing, to Chris Petit, our master firekeeper, who kept our paths lit at night (again), and our special guests Billy Salyers and Jason 'Foolybear' Lineberger. Don't forget to watch 'Knife or Death' on the History channel this Wednesday at 10PM to see how Billy does in the competition. Also, the pre-registration for our annual SANTA vs GRINCH (SvG) game to be held Sat., Dec. 1 will go live on Nov.1 on Sign up ASAP to save money and lock in your spot in this limited player game. As most of you know, SvG always sells out. We look forward to seeing all of you in the next coming year.

             10/26/18 - Tomorrow is LOF's Anniversary/Halloween celebration from 11am to 11pm. 12 hours of paintball fun. The day will be seperated into a 'Day Games' (11am to 5pm) and the 'Night Games' (6pm to 11pm). We'll be playing at night by the light from a 30-foot tall bonfire. Both halves will include lots of great games planned (some new, some favorites), some amazing giveaways (Tippmann TiPX, Tippmann TMC, Profiler helmets, HPA tanks, Ball Haulers, Packs, and so much more), food and cake and a commemorative patch and treat bag for every player. Remember that this is an EVENT PAINT ONLY day (leave your old paint at home).

             10/20/18 - Only a few more days to attend the LOF Anniversary Special for half price!!! Sign up at by this Wednesday and get Day & Night Walk-Ons AND Day & Night All-Day Air Passes for only $24!!! On gameday, the same will cost you $48!! Save even more by choosing the $84 option. Lots of great games planned, some amazing giveaways and a commemorative patch and treat bag for every player. Remember that this is an EVENT PAINT ONLY day.

             10/02/18 - Wow, another whole year has passed and it's time once again for our 12-hour Anniversary Celebration. On Saturday, Oct 27, we'll be open from 11am till 11pm - twelve hours of paintball fun, not to mention the music, food, giveaway prizes and great games. Don't miss out on this once a year opportunity. You've never played at night until you've played our 'city' field by firelight. Each paying player gets a commemorative embroidered patch from the event. Sign-up ASAP at The earlier you sign up, the more you're likely to receive. We have several incentive prizes given to us by our vendors and when they're gone.... they're gone! Sign up ASAP!!

             10/01/18 - Hats off to all the brave souls that came out yesterday for our TIPPMANN ONLY SUNDAY event. The weather was far from desireable, but true paintballers don't care. They fought through the downpours and occasional dry spells. Lots of smiles and laughs were observed. We WILL be holding another TIPPMANN ONLY event soon.

             09/17/18 - Feeling pretty blessed with what little we received out of Hurricane Florence when she arrived. We'll return to our regular schedule today. Look forward to having everybody out this weekend.

             09/16/18 - Well, Hurricane Florence has finally made her presence known here and looks like it's gonna rain all day. LOF will be CLOSED today. Everyone stay safe and dry. Don't forget to watch the 2018 Chicago Open today on the GO SPORTS Facebook page.

             09/13/18 - We have decided to run 'regular' store/field hours this weekend. Saturday will be 10am to 6pm and Sunday will be 1pm to 6pm. The Pump and Mag-Fed Only event will be postponed and a new date released soon. Everybody stay safe this weekend.

             09/12/18 - Well, looks like Hurricane Florence won't be showing any signs around here until Sunday late, so come on out on Saturday (10am to 6pm) for a regular day of paintballin' and Sunday (11am to 5pm) for another Pump and Mag-Fed Only event.

             09/04/18 - Update on our playing schedule. LOF had originally been scheduled to be closed this Sunday, but instead we will be open (1pm to 6pm) and already have a school group scheduled to attend. Come on out and join in!

             08/28/18 - Pre-registration for LOF's ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION (on Oct. 27) will open on Sat., Sept 1 at It will be a fun-filled day of paintball starting at 11am and ending at 11pm. Yes, a nightgame! Don't wait and miss out. Sign up on Sept. 1 and secure a spot.

             08/27/18 - LOF's INDIANA JONES Theme Day held this past Saturday is in the books. While the event set no records for attendance, the players that were there made it one of the most positive, fun theme days to date. Scenario teams Capitol Offense, Nomads, Carolina Riot led the teams against one another to solve missions based on the Indiana Jones movies. The first mission, "TAKE BACK ONE KADAM" was easily dominated by the 'green' team led by Capitol Offense. They acquired the halves of the headpiece, placed them on the Staff of Ra and placed it in the proper hole for the required time. Then once the location of the Ark of the Covenant was revealed, it was a footrace to the temple to secure the Ark and return it to the National Museum. All this, while both team frantically collected 'tiles' needed for a game to be held during our lunchbreak. And THIS is where the 'play of the day' changed the outcome of this mission and the entire game. While 'green' team sent it's forces in mass to the temple after the Ark, 'orange' team left two members of Carolina Riot behind in the city to collect 'tiles' and bonus points by collecting everything in sight! Mission two, "HOLD ON LADY, WE GOING FOR A RIDE", pitted teams against one another to find Indy, Willie and Shortround and one personal item for each character, place them in a mine cart and take a 'ride' to the Kali Ma statue, remove the 3 Sankara Stones and deliver them to the National Museum. 'Green' team completed this mission first as well, but all the items collected by the 'orange' team kept them well in the lead (points-wise). During our break, each team choose 3 team members to play our 'tile game' which tested our players knowledge of the Indiana Jones movies. Players had to place tiles on a tile board and link movies with characters and artifacts from each film. Even though the teams were allowed 5 minutes to complete the test, 'green' team finished in an amazing 45 seconds!! But, calculating points from the game, with all the left-over tiles 'orange' had, pushed their lead on the point board. Our final mission, "CHOOSE WISELY", was completely fought on our 'big woods' course. Both teams had to enter the woods, fight their way to the temple and enter the temple to 'choose' a grail. The first team to get a grail in the hand of every team member would be the victor! But, one could not simply 'waltz' into the temple. Rotating color flags, changed every five minutes, told who could enter the temple during that time. If the color of the flag matched the background color on your game badge, you could enter. If not, then you could help work another team member (who had the correct color) in to claim a grail. Once everyone had a grail, the game was stopped and we all proceeded to the front yard to find out who actually choose the TRUE Holy Grail! Congrats to Jason Smathers who picked the correct grail (#11) and won passes to our upcoming anniversary celebration (Oct. 27) and our annual Santa vs. Grinch Theme Day (Dec. 1). Our MVP is shared by the 2 members of Carolina Riot who hung back in the last half of mission one and collected points for the 'orange' team. Misty Price and Kiara Vieno will share a case of Grafitti paintballs at our next Anniversary/Theme Day. Thanks to all who attended and played, the 4F Squad, who reffed the event and all who brought this theme day together.

             08/15/18 - We have closed the pre-registration with power package for the Indiana Jones Theme Day, but you can still lock in a spot in the game by signing up at before Saturday (Aug 18) evening and save some money! After Saturday at 6PM, you will only be able to sign up on gameday and likely miss out on some of the missions. And believe us, you DON'T want to miss any of the missions! Looking forward to some awesome adventures on August 25!

             08/10/18 - Well, the pre-registration for the INDY JONES Theme Day is (supposedly) closed now. We did have quite a few sign up at the last minute, but not as many as we would have liked. As our webmaster is out of town, we won't be able to close the pre-registration link until tomorrow night. So, if you want to take advantage of the situation, sign up (at before tomorrow evening and save some money! Looking forward to an awesome theme day on August 25!

             08/05/18 - Well, Rick's team didn't win this year's WALKING DEAD game at CDWC, but they did accomplish all missions and find all the 'props' (5 of the 6 props were found and returned by 4F personnel). It was a difficult game as the'Walkers' team could only be eliminated by 'head' shots AND they were allowed to carry shields! It was still an amazing, fun day of balling with friends we've made over the past several years at this annual event. We look forward to attending next year (and winning!). LOF's scenario team, 4F Squad, was awarded the MVT (Most Valuable Team) award and we thank everyone who had anything to do with this decision. 4F will return to CDWC later this year, in November, to play in the annual FULDA GAP event. Keep in mind that any/all regular players are invited to go with us and have a blast. If you like LOF, you'll LOVE CDWC!!!

             07/31/18 - LOF will be closed this Saturday so our scenario team, 4F SQUAD, can attend and play in the WALKING DEAD game at Command Decisions Wargame Center in Taylorsville, NC. This will be the 3rd year in a row that 4F has played for the 'Rick' team. Meanwhile back at home, LOF will be open on Friday (Aug 3) from 3PM to 8PM and on Sunday (Aug 5) from 11AM to 6PM.

             07/04/18 - Happy 4th of July to everyone. LOF is closed today, but don't forget that during summer, you can play on Monday through Friday with an appointment. To get an appointment you must - Have 10 or more players, Give a 48-hour advance notice and pay a non-refundable deposit (that's available to use upon your arrival at LOF). If you don't have 10 players, then call us and let us know how many you have and get on our 'Will Call' list. This way, we will call you if another group that's short of 10 players wants to pay and possibly your combined groups will make the 10 required players so we can open.

             06/24/18 - A couple of notes about this upcoming weekend. LOF will be closed on Saturday (June 30), but we'll be open on Friday night (June 29) from 4PM to 8PM with one group (of 10) already planning on attending and we'll have extended hours on Sunday (July 1) from 11AM to 6PM.

             06/22/18 - Just a reminder with all the recent changes to our schedule that the Indiana Jones theme Day is NOT this Saturday, but has been moved to Saturday, Aug. 25. Also, we will be OPEN this Sunday from 1pm to 6pm. That is all.

             06/13/18 - Don't forget to bring dad out this Sunday (June 17) for our annual Father's Day Special. Whatever you purchase, dad gets for FREE (up to a Player's Package). You pay for a Walk-On, dad gets a Walk-On FREE! You pay for All-Day Air, dad gets All-Day Air FREE! You pay for a bag of paint, dad gets a bag of paint FREE!! You pay for a Player's Package (Walk-On, Rental Equipment, All-Day Air and a bag of paint) all for $35 and dad gets the same for FREE! It's gonna be a blast, so come join the fun!

             06/09/18 - Due to several scheduling conflicts, and a really heavy load of summer players, we have been forced to severely alter our summer calendar. Our annual Summer Camp (June 27-29) has been cancelled and our Indiana Jones Theme Day has been postponed till Aug. 25. Everyone that had pre-registerd for Indiana Jones has been contacted and informed of the new date. This will also give some of you extra time to sign up and get in on the savings. Save by signing up HERE. Other calendar changes include: Sun., Aug 12 - Mag-Fed and Pump Only Sunday Sat., Aug 25 - Indiana Jones Theme Day Sun., Sep 16 - Mag-Fed and Pump Only Sunday Sun., Sep 30 - Tippmann Only Sunday Sat., Oct 27 - LOF Anniversary (Wild West Themed)

             06/06/18 - Pre-registration for our June 23, INDIANA JONES THEME DAY opened last Friday, and immediately players started signing up online as well as at the store. If you want to get in on this 60 player limited game, we suggest signing up ASAP. There are 2 choices - $25 will lock in your spot or $45 will get you a theme package (at a reduced rate) that will be $55 on gameday. Save by signing up HERE.

             05/30/18 - Just 2 days left to save $50 on this year's SUMMER CELEBRITY PAINTBALL CAMP (June 27-29). June 1 will bring a close to the savings and our 3-day camp will be FULL PRICE ($299.00). Also, pre-registration is open for our June 23, INDIANA JONES THEME DAY. Save by signing up HERE.

             05/12/18 - Even though our answering machine says that we are 'Closed' today (Sunday, May 13), we are actually OPEN today. A group called at the last minute and asked us to open so we'll be running from 11am to 3pm. Everyone is invited to come jump in on the fun!!!

             05/09/18 - Had a couple more players sign up for our Summer Camp (June 27-29) this week. Spots are filling up so don't wait and miss out. Take advantage of our '$50 OFF' special (which we have extended through this weekend). Camp is an experience you will never forget and it will sharpen your game! Sign up HERE.

             05/08/18 - This Saturday is LOF's Annual Mother's Day Special where every paying player can bring mom out to play and she gets her walk-on, rental and air for FREE! LOF will be Closed on Sunday, but is available for appointment between 11am and 3pm. Call (828-891-2399) and set an appointment if you have 10 or more playres.

             05/01/18 - Since we have been unavailable lately (due to sickness, private group bookings, and traveling with our team to events), we have decided to extend the $50 discounted price for our 3-day Summer Celebrity Paintball Camp until Monday, May 7 at 6PM. Sign up today by clicking HERE.

             04/23/18 - Sign up now for our annual 3-Day Summer Celebrity Paintball Camp! Register before April 30 and save $50. On May 1 the price goes to full price ($299). For a limited time, for only $249 you can take part in the funnest learning experience you're likely to ever have. Team members from scenario team, Capital Offense, will lead this years camp for 30 lucky campers. The dates are June 27-29, 2018 and run each day from 10am to 5pm. We'll have our annual 'graduation' dinner at a local resturant where we'll be showing videos of camp activities for family members to enjoy. Your entry fee covers 3 days of instruction, photos with your class, photos with camp instructors, meals and snacks each day, unlimited air and 2 cases of paintballs. Along with what LOF supplies, our instructors bring along goodies from their sponsoring companies. If you REALLY wanna sharpen your paintball skills, this is a opportunity not to be missed. Sign up today by clicking HERE.

             04/23/18 - Thanks to all who came out and played in our first ever MAG & PUMP ONLY event yesterday! It was a blast. We will definitely plan another very soon. Stay tuned. Action photos are up on the Facebook page.

             04/20/18 - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! You don't want to miss any of this Sunday's Pump and Mag-fed event, especially the first game! We're gonna kick things off with a PUMP vs MAG-FED game. Both sides have been talking smack for the past 2 weeks and Sunday we'll see who can back it up. Since we're hold the first Pump/Mag on April 22, there will be only 22 players in this first game. The first 11 pump players and the first 11 mag-fed players to sign up will have bragging right to have played in the first PUMP vs MAG game at LOF. If you wanna make sure you are in this event, go to our pre-registration page ( tonight at 10:30PM and pick one of the 3 packages we are offering for pre-sign. There'll be a $30 package for walk-on, all-day air and (1) bag of 'field' paint, another $32 package for walk-on, all-day air and (1) bag of 'Premium' paint and a $34 package for a walk-on, all-day air and (1) bag of 'Graffiti' paint. These packages are available only through our pre-reg site and regular prices will apply on gameday. We have a limited number of pump and mag-fed rentals, so call ahead if you need one. Also, if you own a Tippmann 98 and want to play, we'll be renting the mag-fed conversion kits, but again, they are limited so call and reserve yours. Looking forward to Sunday. Might not be a bad idea to come out Saturday and make sure your equipment works BEFORE Sunday.

             04/18/18 - The 'PUMP AND MAG ONLY' event planned for this Sunday, April 22, is shaping up. The weather has decided to co-operate and move its showers off until the evening hours. Plenty of magazines and 50rd and 100rd hoppers are in stock. We'll be offering a 'package' deal for $30. This gets you on the field, All day air and a bag of 'field' paint (higher quality paints will be available as well).

             04/11/18 - The 'PUMP AND MAG ONLY' event has been moved to Sunday, April 22 in hopes of better weather.

             04/10/18 - We have a group scheduled to come out this Friday (April 13) from 11am to 5pm and they have invited everyone to come out and play with them. If you've got the time and you wanna mix it up, come on out.

             04/03/18 - Wanna find out just how good a paintballer you can be? Sign up now for our annual Summer Celebrity Paintball Camp! Register before April 30 and save $50. On May 1 the price goes to full price ($299). For a limited time, for only $249 you can take part in the funnest learning experience you're likely to ever have. Team members from scenario team, Capital Offense, will lead this years camp for 30 lucky campers. The dates are June 27-29, 2018 and run each day from 10am to 5pm. We'll have our annual 'graduation' dinner at a local resturant where we'll be showing videos of camp activities for family members to enjoy. Your entry fee covers 3 days of instruction, photos with your class, photos with camp instructors, meals and snacks each day, unlimited air and 2 cases of paintballs. Along with what LOF supplies, our instructors bring along goodies from their sponsoring companies. If you REALLY wanna sharpen your paintball skills, this is a opportunity not to be missed. Sign up today by clicking HERE.

             03/28/18 - SPECIAL EASTER ANNOUNCEMENT!!!: Line of Fire will be open on Good Friday (March 30) from 11am to 4pm. Line of Fire has already booked all of its 'rental' equipment for this Saturday (March 31), so only come to play if you have your own equipment and don't need to rent anything. We will be closed on Sunday (April 1) for Easter.

             03/21/18 - Sorry for anyone that was planning on coming out this Sunday (March 25) to play, but we will be CLOSED due to an unfortunate change of events. We'll be open this Saturday (March 24) from 10am to 6pm.

             03/13/18 - It's not mandatory, but we'd love to see everyone dress up for St. Patrick's Day this Saturday. There will be 'pots of gold' hidden on the field that you can find during games. We're gonna have a blast, so come be a part of our celebration. Lots of prizes!!!

             03/01/18 - This just in: LOF will be open on Good Friday, Mar. 30 from 11am to 4pm.

             02/16/18 - LOF will be open on Monday, Feb. 19 from 11am to 4pm.

             02/15/18 - Due to this weekend's weather being questionable, we have decided to extend our 'Valentines Day Special' to BOTH days, Saturday, Feb. 17 (from 10am to 6pm) and Sunday, Feb 18 (from 1pm to 6pm). Under our special, every paying guy can bring a gal for only $12 and she gets an entire 'player's package'. We'll have plenty of valentine-themed games and lots of prizes to give away. Don't miss out. Start working on your guest now! You can bring girlfriends, wives, aunts, moms, sisters, etc. If you're not bringing anybody, don't let that scare you off. We'll pair up players for our 'couples' games. It'll be a blast that you don't want to miss.

             01/29/18 - LOF will be running regular hours this Saturday (Feb. 3), but will be 'By Appointment Only' on Sunday (Feb. 4) due to it being 'SUPERBOWL SUNDAY'. So, before you come out to play on Sunday, either call ahead (before Saturday) to schedule your group or call ahead to see if someone else scheduled a group that you can play with.

             01/13/18 - In addition to running regular hours this weekend (Sat; 10am-6pm and Sun; 1pm-6pm) we've added Monday (Jan 15) when we'll be open from 11am-4pm. Just a reminder that this is the LAST weekend to take advantage of Tippmann's $30 REBATE by purchasing a 98, A5, TiPX or TMC and don't forget that LOF gives FREE walk-ons with all these markers. See you guys this weekend.

             01/11/18 - We'll be running regular hours this weekend (Sat; 10am-6pm and Sun; 1pm-6pm) and the weather looks to be favorable. Just a reminder that this is the LAST weekend to take advantage of Tippmann's $30 REBATE by purchasing a 98, A5, TiPX or TMC and don't forget that LOF gives FREE walk-ons with all these markers. See you guys this weekend.

             01/05/18 - Due to the low temps this weekend, we have decided to close the playing fields on Saturday (Jan 6). The high is supposed to be 29 degrees and that's only gonna last for 30 minutes. The store will be open from 12pm to 5pm so you can come in and use your LOF Gift Certificates AND get in on the $30 refund from Tippmann by purchasing a Tippmann marker. Sunday (Jan 7) looks better with a high of 35 degrees and it's gonna last a little longer as well, So we'll be open modified hours, 12pm to 5pm, to get the best of the high temperature. We'll see you shoppers on Saturday (12pm - 5pm) and then shoppers AND players on Sunday (12pm - 5pm)!

             01/03/18 - Just released the date for this year's VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL. This year we'll be celebrating Valentines on Sat., Feb 17. All paying guys can bring a gal to play and only pay $12 for paint. She'll get her walk-on, equipment and air all FREE of charge. It's a great way to introduce her to our sport. Lots of prizes as always. Mark your calendar, mark HER calendar, and come have some fun.

             01/01/18 - HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!! Can't believe yesterday's turnout. We didn't really expect much of a turnout with the temperatures staying low, but we're glad everybody showed up and played. There were some AWESOME games! What a great way to end the year. Here's looking ahead to another great year of paintball in 2018.

             12/28/17 - We had such a great time running a group of several Brevard families today. Started a little cool (at 10am) but warmed up significantly by the last game (around 4pm). We will be open tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 29) from 12pm to 5pm and have a group already signed up. Everybody come out and jump in on he fun!

             12/26/17 - We hope everyone had a great Christmas and spent time with family and loved ones. Now, we gotta break in all those new Christmas paintball toys! LOF is scheduled to be open this Friday (Dec. 29) from 12pm to 5pm, Saturday (Dec. 30) from 10am to 6pm and Sunday (Dec.31) from 11am to 4pm, so come on out and let's see how those new markers work. Also, don't forget to bring all those LOF GIFT CARDS, LOF PLAYER PASSES and FREE WALK-ONS (If you were one of the many that got a new marker from LOF for Christmas, you have several FREE walk-ons available) and use them. If you can't wait till Friday, grab your friends and give us a call. We'll open for groups earlier in the week.

             12/23/17 - Thanks to everyone who came out and played today. Some of you played through the good and bad and some just showed up for the good, but regardless, there were some great games. We have decided that since so many inquired about playing tomorrow (on Christmas Eve) that we would extend our hours and open the fields as well as the retail store. So, tommorrow we will be open from 10AM to 3PM for shopping AND playing. And, tommorrow will also be the last day to use your FREE pass for pre-registering for Santa vs Grinch last month. Still have a few guns specials left and plenty of Player Passes and Camp Passes for stocking stuffers. Tommorow is the last day to save $100 on a pass to our 3-day 2018 Summer Paintball Camp. Hope to see many of you tommorrow.

             12/18/17 - GREAT NEWS!!! We just got confirmation of next year's (2018) LOF PAINTBALL SUMMER CAMP dates. LOF will hold its annual Summer Camp on June 27-29, 2018. And, to celebrate, we're offering the 3-day camp for $100 OFF through Dec. 24! That's right, get access to camp and all the perks for only $199 through Dec. 24. That's saving $100!!! What an awesome Christmas present to give! You can purchase a 2018 LOF PAINTBALL SUMMER CAMP PASS by coming by the store or purchase online HERE.

             12/17/17 - Not many chances left to play before Christmas. We'll be open for play and Christmas shopping today from 1PM to 6PM. See everyone here.

             12/14/17 - Modification to our Christmas shopping hours. Thursday, Dec. 21, the store AND fields will be open from 12PM to 5PM. Then, after Christmas, on Friday, Dec. 29, the store AND fields will be open from 12PM to 5PM. We have several groups planning on playing both of these days, so come on out and enjoy the fun!

             12/13/17 - With only 11 days left till Christmas, LOF starts its 'Winter Hours' today to help everyone with their Christmas paintball shopping. We'll be open from 4PM to 7PM every Wednesday and Thursday until Christmas and 3PM to 7PM on Fridays. Also, since we got snowed out last Saturday (which was supposed to be our REINDEER GAMES), we'll be honoring everybody's FREE walk-on (for every player that pre-registered for Santa vs Grinch using the online option) on Saturday (Dec. 23). Now's the time to get your LOF Gift Certificates, stocking stuffers and there's still time to order any 'special order' guns and still get them here for Christmas.

             12/10/17 - LOF will be OPEN for 'snow play' today from 12pm to 6pm. Come play in the first snow of the season.

             12/09/17 - LOF will remain CLOSED today due to yesterday's snow storm. We recieved approx 10 - 11 inches. We will make a call on Sunday's opening or closing after we see if any snow clears today.

             12/06/17 - Photos from the SvG Theme Day are viewable on the SPLATSHOTS Facebook page by clicking here and the official video can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here. Enjoy!!!

             12/03/17 - Congrats to Grinch, Max and their 'gremlins' on winning this years (16th annual) SANTA vs GRINCH Theme Day (SvG) yesterday. Grinch (Dan Rice) and Max (William Peeples) led their army against Santa (David Burns), Rudolph (Cody Miller) and the elves for another win, bringing the current score to SANTA: 8 / GRINCH: 8, so, 2018's event will be a tie breaker. Thanks to everyone who signed up using our online registration which worked great, but we plan to improve still. Also, thanks for everyone's patience concerning our (extra) late start-up yesterday. We were a tad understaffed and I know I was doing 3 different jobs, slowing things down. There was also some feedback from players that we are implementing to make next year's SvG (and other theme days) even better! Congrats to all the winners in the drawings, to Richard Walker for getting 'Best Dressed' (thereby taking home a FREE case of Grafitti paintballs) and hats off to Jude Swire-Clark and Tyler Matthews who won the MVP award for each of their teams and both went home with a Proto RIZE marker for their efforts. Don't forget that if you used the online registration for SvG this year, you get a FREE walk-on next Saturday (Dec. 9) for our REINDEER GAMES. Carry on!