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             07/21/21 - Just a reminder that we'll be filling CO2 and HPA tanks this Friday evening (July 23) from 3PM to 7PM. So, if you need air or paint for your games this weekend, stop by and we'll help you out!

             06/12/21 - Just got another shipment of 'tested' tanks back in and we're all caught up, so if you've left a CO2 tank or HPA tank with us for hydro-testing, it's ready for pick up. We're starting to see the availability of CO2 and HPA tanks (all sizes) on the rise and we're getting some in on a regular schedule again. Also, will have a 'used' gun sale before the end of the year. Stay tuned.

             06/08/21 - Our retail store will be open this Friday evening (June 11) from 3PM to 7PM. Fresh paint just came in a few days ago, so come load up for your battles this weekend.

             05/29/21 - Our own 4F Squad Scenario Team along with some LOF 'regulars' are currently battling it out at the HEARTBREAK RIDGE 'big game' at Command Decisions Wargame Center in Taylorsville, NC. We are fighting for the UN (blue) team. Further details as they are available. Stay tuned.

             05/12/21 - LOF's retail store will be open for paintballs and air fills (HPA & CO2) this Friday (May 14) from 3PM to 7PM. Come by and fill up your tanks. Also a good time to drop off your entry fee to the HEARTBREAK RIDGE event if you're going to play alongside of 4F SQUAD guys!

             05/01/21 - LOF's scenario team, the 4F SQUAD, is issuing an 'open invitation' to any players that would like to play alongside them at the HEARTBREAK RIDGE big game at Command Decisions Wargame Center (CDWC) in Taylorsville, NC on May 29-30. Entry is $35 and paint is $55 and $65 (depending on the grade you want to shoot). Contact them through LOF at (828) 891-2399 or visit their Facebook page and contact them there.

             04/20/21 - It's been great getting to see many of our players again over the past two 'limited-hour' openings of our retail store. Glad we can supply each of you with 'paintball goodies' for your games. Hopefully, we'll be playing again soon as well. The next scheduled retail store opening will be on April 30, from 3PM to 7PM for players to get paint and air (HPA and CO2).

             04/12/21 - The retail store will be open again this Saturday, April 17, from 12PM to 4PM for players to get paint and air (HPA and CO2).

             03/28/21 - We've had many requests from our customers for an opportunity to get their CO2 and HPA tanks filled, so, this Friday, April 2, we'll be open from 3PM to 7PM. The store is not officially open yet, so we'll be servicing tanks through the 'Concession' window. See you then.

             02/17/21 - Due to LOF currently reconstructing our courses, we will be CLOSED until further notice. We are tentatively looking to re-open in late March or early April, depending on weather and ability to get work done. Looking forward to playing again soon!

             02/08/21 - UPDATE - LOF will NOT hold its re-opening event next weekend, ......with multiple deaths in the family, loss of some acreage of our courses, and non-friendly weather, we are looking at late March or early April before re-opening. Our scenario team, 4F SQUAD plans on making a few events at other great fields before we reopen. So, if you'd like to join us, let us know. Stay tuned.

             02/06/21 - We're really gonna miss holding our annual SUPERBOWL PARTY tomorrow, and I'm sure everybody's gonna miss the CHILI that we serve each year. Here's to holding a Superbowl event in 2022!

             01/14/21 - WOW! Lots happening with moving our fields around. We'll try and post pics soon.

             01/01/21 - HAPPY 2021! We'll be starting chages soon on our new field designs for our GRAND RE-OPENING set for Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021. We'll not only be celebrating re-opening, but also have our annual Valentine's Day games as well, so start working on your sweeties now. Every paying guy can bring a gal for FREE!!! Special games throughout the day will award Valentine's Day prizes to couples. See you soon!

             12/31/20 - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! We just wanna take a minute and thank everyone who supported us this last (trying) year. Most of us faced hurddles of some type or another during the year, but here we are. Always remember to help one another. Many of you came to our aid, just this past month, as we lost two prominent family members. Again, thank you SO much. We look forward to seeing many of you next year when we reopen on Saturday, Feb. 13 for our annual Valentine's Day Special and Grand Re-opening with new field layouts. Lots of exciting things anround the bend. Happy New Year, once again. Everyone stay safe and well! Here's to a better 2021!!!

             12/21/20 - ANNOUNCEMENT! LOF will be CLOSED this Saturday (Dec. 26). Due to unforeseen circumstances, LOF has been forced to close this Saturday making last Saturday (Dec. 19) our last play day this year. Thanks to everyone who played with us this year. We look forward to seeing you in 2021 on Feb. 13 for our annual Valentine's Day Special and grand re-opening with an all new 'city' field, new speedball and some new woods to play! Everyone stay safe and well and have a VERY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

             12/14/20 - Our last two Saturdays this year (Dec. 19 & Dec. 26) have started to fill up so if you wanna play at LOF before the year is out, we suggest calling in ASAP and pay to reserve your spot. We'll be running 'Christmas-themed' games and giving stuff away on both days as well. Major work has started on changing up the field layouts so you'll see some differences already. Hope to see some of you before the year ends.

             12/10/20 - Due to unforeseen events this week, LOF has decided to close this Saturday (Dec. 12). All reservations have been moved to next Saturday (Dec. 19). We'll still be running 'Christmas-themed' games on the last two Saturdays this year. If you want to play on either, we suggest calling and paying for a reservation ASAP as both Dec.19 and Dec. 26 have started to fill up. See everyone soon.

             12/07/20 - Only 3 Saturdays left to play in 2021!!! If you want to play the 'vintage' LOF field layouts, you only have 3 more opportunities to do so. Saturday, Dec. 26 will be our last 'play day' in 2021. We'll be closing for the month of January and reopening for Valentine's Day on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021 with all NEW field layouts!! Looks like we may get an early Christmas present too, as we've heard Jason 'Foolybear' Lineberger may make an appearance to play with us this Saturday (Dec. 12). We'll be playing some of our favorite 'Chistmas-themed' games over the next 3 Saturdays, so don't wait, call in now (828-891-2399) and make a payment to reserve your spot.

             12/05/20 - Looks like we still have a few spots left for players to play today, so call in first thing this morning and reserve your spot(s)! It's gonna be cool but dry!

             12/03/20 - This Saturday is one of the last 4 chances to play at LOF this year! We'll be open all 4 Saturdays in December and then closing until Feb. 13, 2021 to work on our NEW city and speedball fields. So, book your spot ASAP and be one of the last players to play on the old city field. We still have about half the spots left for this Saturday, Dec. 5. It's also a great time to get your LOF Gift Certificates for Christmas!!

             11/23/20 - This coming Saturday (Nov. 28) is SOLD OUT!!! If you're looking to play, call in and reserve a spot for Sat., Dec. 5 or another future Saturday. We take 20 players per Saturday and the first to pay for the spots get them!

             11/16/20 - Players, keep in mind that we still only take 20 pre-signed, pre-paid players each Saturday. That being said, we are completely booked for this Saturday (Nov. 21), but have a few openings on the following Saturday (Nov. 28). Contact us ASAP to secure your spots and get in on all the fun we have every Saturday.

             11/08/20 - Congrats to our field team, 4F SQUAD, on their win yesterday at the FULDA AFTERMATH big game at Command Decisions Wargame Center in Taylorsville, NC. Several members attended to help NATO claim another victory over WARSAW by a score of 3950 to 550!

             11/08/20 - Due to a last minute cancellation, we didn't pack out this past Saturday, but the players we had were great and the weather couldn't have been any better. Everybody slung lots of paint, and we all had a blast. Reservations for next Saturday (Nov. 14) are starting to fill up, so cal in and get your spot verified ASAP!

             11/02/20 - The groups we had come out this past weekend were amazing! So much fun!!! We hope everyone had a safe Halloween and can make plans to play with us soon. This coming Saturday (Nov. 7) only has 8 spots available, so call in ASAP and pay for a spot to reserve it! Stay warm!

             10/25/20 - Had a great birthday group come out yesterday. Happy Birthday, Steven. Next Saturday (Oct 31) has been 'bought out' by a private group having a double birthday party, so we are at FULL capacity. There are approx. 8 spots left for Sat., Nov. 7, so if you wanna play that day call in ASAP and reserve your spot by paying ahead. Fall is here and the weather is perfect for paintball!!!!

             10/23/20 - We still have a few spots left for tomorrow (Oct 24), so if you want to play, call in and reserve your spot by pre-paying. The number is (828)891-2399. And make sure you're mailbox isn't full. Three people that called in this week left their name and number, but we could never reach them as their 'mailboxes were full'. Looking forward to Saturday!!!

             10/11/20 - Sadly, there are no pictures from yesterdays action at LOF. The rain never let up enough to take the cameras out, but we had a birthday group that was not going to let ANY weather dampen their play day. Happy Birthday to Peyton. His group played hard the entire time we were open and we look forward to having his group out again (hopefully on a drier day) and showing all the first-timers in your his how great paintball can REALLY be. Seems they had a great time yesterday, so we know they'll love playing when they're not fogging or slipping and sliding. A couple of yesterdays groups decided to postpone till next Saturday (Oct 17), so available spots are already about half full. Don't miss out. Call in ASAP and secure your spot to play.

             10/02/20 - Due to a last minute cancellation, we have 8 spots available again for players tomorrow (Oct. 3), so if you are already signed up to play, and need to add friends or if you're one of the groups we had to turn away, you can call in tonight and register your spots for sure, or take a chance on calling in the morning when we open (11am) and see if they're still available. Next week (Oct 10) is already half full as well. See y'all soon!

             09/30/20 - Still got a few spots left for Saturday, Oct. 3 and Oct. 10. If you want to play, call in and reserve your spot(s) ASAP. Let's play!!!

             09/22/20 - Okay, people, LOF IS GOING TO PRINT!!! We are looking for your favorite times and stories from your visits to Line of Fire Paintfields that we can include in a publication covering the early years of LOF. Get together with friends, discuss the 'old days' and write up the best description you can of your adventure(s). As most of you know, we have no shortage of pictures taken at LOF and we're willing to bet that we can find some images to go along with your tales. Our publication will have a chapter dedicated exclusively to a collection of the best tales received. Other sections will cover sponsored LOF teams, theme days we held, off-site events, tournaments, etc. Even if you don't play anymore, we want to hear your tales. If you have more than one 'favorite' tale, send them all! If you know someone you used to play with 'back in the day', but they don't anymore, let them know we want to hear from them. Get the word out and lets make this a book all of us will be proud to own! On your mark,....... Get set,........WRITE!!!!

             09/17/20 - Only 7 spots left for this Saturday (Sept. 19). Call in ASAP to secure your spot! Weather looks great!!

             09/16/20 - The weather for this Saturday (Sept. 19) looks great and the temps are gonna be cooler. Gonna be a great day to sling some paint. Only 10 spots left though, so call in (828-891-2399) and talk to us or leave a name/number that we can reach you at to get a depsoit and lock in your spot.

             09/13/20 - Hats off to all the players who came out yesterday and played through some downpours. It takes a 'dedicated' player to sling paint in those kind of conditions. Our next scheduled day of play is Saturday, Sept.19 and we're taking reservations now. Call in (828-891-2399) and talk to us or leave a name/number that we can reach you at to get a depsoit to lock in your spot.

             09/08/20 - We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend despite the Covid-19 pandemic. We'll be open from 11am to 4pm this coming Saturday (Sept. 12) and still have some spots available, so call in, make a payment, and let's sling some paint on Saturday. The number to call is 828-891-2399. See ya in the middle!

             09/06/20 - Congrats to Ryan Boykin and Zach Lail of the 4F Squad team who took 2nd Place in a 2-man Tippmann Mechanical Only Tournament yesterday at Konquer Paintball. Just getting warmed up for when the whole 4F Squad team will travel to Command Decisions Wargame Center in Nov. to play in the mini-Fulda Game.

             08/28/20 - LOF has decided to close for the labor Day weekend, so we'll be CLOSED on Sat., Sept. 5. The next available day to sign up for is Sat., Sept. 12. Only a few spots are taken so far, so call in and get yours ASAP!

             08/25/20 - This Saturday (Aug. 29) is booked to capacity and Sat., Sept. 5 is half full. Grab your future spot(s) by calling in (828-891-2399) and paying to lock in your spot(s).

             08/20/20 - This Saturday (Aug. 22) is SOLD OUT. Start signing up for Sat., Aug 29 and Sat., Sept. 5 by calling in (828-891-2399) and paying to lock in a spot.

             08/14/20 - Our spots for this Saturday are all taken. If you've got the itch to play, call in and grab a spot for a future Saturday (Aug. 22 or Aug. 29), but hurry. They are both over half full already.

             08/13/20 - Still several spots left for this Saturday (Aug. 15), so call in (282-891-2399) and reserve your spot ASAP.

             08/10/20 - Thanks to everybody that came out to play with us this past Saturday. We had some great games. We are taking pre-registrations for this coming Saturday (Aug. 15), so call in and reserve YOUR spot ASAP. Call 828-891-2399.

             08/09/20 - While we were running the field yesterday, our boys (LOF's 4F Squad Scenario Team and friends) were in Taylorsville, NC at Command Decisions Wargame Center helping the 'Marines' win the 'Battle to Bagdad' game. Congrats to Dan Rice who brought home the MVP award for the Marine team.

             08/07/20 - We still have 5 spots left for tomorrow (Aug. 8).

             08/02/20 - Thanks to everyone who played with us this weekend. Happy (belated) birthday to Natalie, who brought her birthday party out to play and congrats to Tim , who brought his bachelor party out. We only have 7 spots left for this coming Saturday (Aug. 8), so if you really want to play, call us ASAP and book your spots. To all our groups waiting to hear about weekday bookings in August and September, we should have answers for you soon. Lots going on, so stay tuned!

             07/31/20 - Two spots left for tomorrow (Aug. 1).

             07/31/20 - Down to 5 spots left for this Saturday (Aug. 1) and 10 spots for next Saturday (Aug. 8) so call in (828-891-2399) and grab a spot to play. We don't accept walk-ons. Only pre-paid, pre-registered players get to play.

             07/28/20 - Still have 10 spots left for this Saturday (Aug. 1) and 12 spots for next Saturday (Aug. 8) so call in and grab a spot to play.

             07/26/20 - Hoping to get at least ONE theme day in this year, but it's hard to say if the pandemic rules will let up and allow us to do so. We had plans for a 'MONTY PYTHON: HOLY GRAIL', a 'RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK' and a 'MOONSHINE WARS' theme days in 2020. If you've never been to a theme day, check out these videos from some of our past theme days: 2017 Santa vs Grinch, 2017 Wild West, 2013 Holy Grail, 2016 Santa vs Grinch & 2017 Wild West.

             07/25/20 - We've had more calls and spaces are filling up for both Aug. 1 and Aug. 8. We advise calling in ASAP and grabbing a spot if you want to play on either of those Saturdays. The number is 828-891-2399. Just talk to us or leave your name/number and we'll get you pre-registered to play.

             07/24/20 - Line of Fire will be CLOSED tomorrow, July 25th. The weekends of Aug. 1 and Aug. 8 are starting to fill up, so if you want to play on one of those, we suggest you call in and get registered. Everyone have a GREAT weekend!!!

             07/21/20 - The next few weekends have all started to fill up, so if you're looking to play soon, call in (828-891-2399) ASAP and pre-register. Good news for all you M17 owners, we've got dual rails, collapsible rails, magazines, scopes, scope protectors and other upgrades for your gun. Come check 'em out!

             07/12/20 - We're now taking pre-registrations for this coming Saturday (July 18) and a few are already gone, so if you want to play, call in (828-891-2399) ASAP and get a spot (or two).

             07/10/20 - Well, tomorrow's spots are ALL filled up, so if you didn't call in AND pre-pay, you didn't get a spot. I don't know what is so hard to understand about this, but we still have players calling in and leaving messages saying "I'll be there, hold me a spot!" Only pre-pays get spots!!!! That being said, you can still call in and pre-pay for spots in the upcoming Saturdays (a few are already full though). If you're coming tomorrow to purchase paint/air/items, don't forget to bring your PPE mask along as we only let one masked customer in the retail store at a time. You can still purchase through the concession window without coming in. Also, please bring cash as our credit card machine 'bit the dust' in today's electrical storm. We'll have a replacement in on Monday. Got new upgrades for the M17 marker in. Come check them out.

             07/05/20 - We hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Anybody ready to sling some paint? Well, spots for July 11 are all but gone, and the following three weekends have started to fill up as well. Pick a date and call in ASAP to pre-register and get a spot.

             06/29/20 - Line of Fire Paintball will be closed on July 4th but will reopen on July 11. Most reserved spots for July 11 are already gone, so if you want to play that day, contact us ASAP and secure your spots with a payment. Happy 4th to all.

             06/26/20 - We sold out of spots for this Saturday (June 27), but had a last minute cancellation from a birthday party (due to a fever), so there are a few spots left. First come, first served. Call (828-891-2399) ASAP and lock in your spot. Also, please read the post below this one if you haven't been out in a while.

             06/24/20 - Players, don't forget that if you want to play on a Saturday, you must call in the previous week and pre-register/pre-pay to play. We are encouraging everyone to prepay for as much paint ahead of time to avoid any/all money exchanges. If you feel sick or have been around anyone diagnosed with Covid-19, STAY HOME. Everyone's temperature is taken upon arrival and anyone with 99 or greater gets sent home. Only one customer is allowed in the retail store at a time and they MUST have a PPE mask on. All 'regular' store exchanges will take place through the 'concession' window. All air-fills will be supplied through the back door on fieldside. Players are asked to stage out of their vehicles when possible. If you need to use the picnic tables/spools in the front yard, please use the nearest GREEN 'X' (located 6-feet apart on all tables and spools). Also, all players must wear a PPE mask when not wearing a paintball mask. Only 20 spots available each week so call (828-891-2399) ASAP to guarantee your spot(s).

             06/18/20 - As of 12 noon today (Thur., June 18) we have 11 spots left on this Saturday's Player roster. Remember, you must call in (828-891-2399)and leave your name and number, how many players you have and then we will call you back so you can pay for your players. Only those pre-registered and paid will be allowed to play. We will NOT be taking any walk-on players. Only 11 spots left! Call now.

             06/17/20 - We've been attempting to set up an ONLINE sign up for players to play this Saturday (June 20), but ran into a few snags, so instaed, we're going to use the field's answering machine to sign people up. We are only taking 20 players this Saturday and we're playing from 11am to 4pm. If you call the field (828-891-2399), leave a message with your name, how may people in your party, how many need rental equipment, and a phone number to reach you at so we can get a non-refundable payment to lock in your spot. The 20 spots will be reserved in the order they are in (on the answering machine) and paid in full. So, if you want to play, don't wait. Call and get your spot!

             06/10/20 - Okay, looks like we'll officially be re-opening on Saturday, June 20. We're still prepping the place to adhere to all the pandemic rules and such. We should have the online pre-registration option up by this Friday. And since we're only taking 20 players (and no walk-ons), you need to get online and sign up ASAP. More to come.

             06/08/20 - Some of the guidelines we'll be following on our re-opening are: 1) No Walk-ons allowed. Everyone will have to pre-sign/pre-pay online to reserve a spot on any given Saturday. This cuts down on the exchange of funds and helps stay within the alotted crowd size. 2) LOF will be closed on Sundays. 3) All players and staff will have their temperatures taken before being allowed into the building, so stay home if you feel sick. Anyone with a temperature of 99 degrees or more will be told to leave. No refunds will be given to rejected players. 4) A 24-hour advance cancellation will be allowed with no penalties toward payments. We will not refund money, but will reschedule or apply toward your account for your next visit. 5) Hand sanitizer will be available and its use encouraged. We're installing a sink in the front yard for players to wash their hands frequently. 6) Social Distancing will be encouraged. When available, players will be encouraged to stage from their personal vehicles. Those that are dropped off can use the tables in the front yard and stage at the green X's on the tables. More to come. Stay tuned.

             06/07/20 - LOF stagged a 'mock' reopening today using the 4F SQUARD team members to stand in as the 'public', so we could accustom ourselves with all the 'social distancing' rules while getting players on and off the play fields. Everything seemed to go smoothly, so we are looking forward to reopening soon. We had scheduled to open up on Saturday, June 13 (and we still may), but we're keeping a close watch on any spikes in Covid outbreaks due to all the protesting, rioting and people going back to their 'normal' lives. An announcement will be made early this week as to the re-opening date. Stay tuned and stay well.

             05/23/20 - Well, we're starting to see a few fields across the USA open back up for play and we're continuing to plan our reopening as well. We'll start slow and probably only take a limited number of players at first, so make sure you get signed up ASAP if you want to be in the first groups out. We'll soon announce where and when to reserve a spot for play. Everybody stay safe and well and start getting your gear ready.

             05/09/20 - LOF is not open yet due to the Covid-19 threat. Stay tuned for a yet-to-be-determined re-opening date. Everyone stay safe and stay well. We will be slinging paint again before too long.

             04/26/20 - Just checking in with everyone. Anybody out there wanting to play some paintball? We can't wait to reopen and get some paint flying again, but it looks like it will be a little longer till we're able to do so. Keep your chins up. We'll all come through this together. Until then, Stay safe, stay home and stay well.

             04/12/20 - Happy Easter everyone! Stay home, stay safe and stay well. Let's get this thing over with and get back to playing!!!

             04/04/20 - Hope everyone is weathering the 'stay at home' storm okay. We're REALLY looking forward to opening up again. I've talked to other field owners in other states and can't say how sad I am that some of them are staying open. The only way I see to get over this is to let it die down by staying home. Everybody stay positive. We'll be playing agin before yo know it.

             04/01/20 - ANNOUNCEMENT: LOF is extending is CLOSED status until April 30. Everyone stay well, stay home and let's get this over with.

             03/17/20 - ANNOUNCEMENT: Following government advice, Line of Fire Paintfields has decided to stay closed until March 29, 2020. Let’s all do our part to ‘flatten the curve’ and end the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Avoid gatherings of more than 10 people, stay home, wash your hands often, help those in need, and we’ll all get through this much quicker and get back to playing the sport we love. Might be a good time to take inventory of your equipment and note any repairs/needs you have. We will continue to order parts/supplies for our customers. More importantly, take this opportunity to spend time with family. We’re praying for a quick end to this pandemic and would like to thank (and praise) all the nurses and doctors ‘in the trenches’.

             03/14/20 - Unfortunately, several issues have forced us to postpone the TIPPMANN ONLY SUNDAY for a few weeks. Our apologies to those altering their plans in hopes of attending what always turns out to be a great event. We were really looking forward to it as well. There will be a TIPPMANN ONLY SUNDAY in the near future. Please watch our website and Facebook page for more information coming soon. LOF will be closed tomorrow and return next weekend on our new Spring hours. Everyone stay safe, stay well and keep washing those hands!

             03/13/20 - We had a couple of calls today from scheduled groups with players concerned if we will be open this weekend. Rest assured that Line of Fire will be open its normal schedule this Saturday (March 14) from 10am to 5pm. We are taking the current situation with the Coronavirus COVID-19 quite seriously and we are asking our players to do the same. If you feel sick, please don't come out to play. Many of us have elderly family members in our homes and don't wish to bring any sickness home to them, even if it's just a common cold. So do the right thing and make the right call as to whether to play or not. We have several hand sanitizer stations and request that players use them often. The weather for Saturday (tomorrow) looks to be perfect for playing. Sunday's weather has taken a change for the worse and may, along with other factors, make us postpone the scheduled TIPPMANN ONLY SUNDAY. Stay tuned as more unfolds and helps us make that decision. Stay safe, stay well and WASH YOUR HANDS often.