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             07/05/20 - We hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Anybody ready to sling some paint? Well, spots for July 11 are all but gone, and the following three weekends have started to fill up as well. Pick a date and call in ASAP to pre-register and get a spot.

             06/29/20 - Line of Fire Paintball will be closed on July 4th but will reopen on July 11. Most reserved spots for July 11 are already gone, so if you want to play that day, contact us ASAP and secure your spots with a payment. Happy 4th to all.

             06/26/20 - We sold out of spots for this Saturday (June 27), but had a last minute cancellation from a birthday party (due to a fever), so there are a few spots left. First come, first served. Call (828-891-2399) ASAP and lock in your spot. Also, please read the post below this one if you haven't been out in a while.

             06/24/20 - Players, don't forget that if you want to play on a Saturday, you must call in the previous week and pre-register/pre-pay to play. We are encouraging everyone to prepay for as much paint ahead of time to avoid any/all money exchanges. If you feel sick or have been around anyone diagnosed with Covid-19, STAY HOME. Everyone's temperature is taken upon arrival and anyone with 99 or greater gets sent home. Only one customer is allowed in the retail store at a time and they MUST have a PPE mask on. All 'regular' store exchanges will take place through the 'concession' window. All air-fills will be supplied through the back door on fieldside. Players are asked to stage out of their vehicles when possible. If you need to use the picnic tables/spools in the front yard, please use the nearest GREEN 'X' (located 6-feet apart on all tables and spools). Also, all players must wear a PPE mask when not wearing a paintball mask. Only 20 spots available each week so call (828-891-2399) ASAP to guarantee your spot(s).

             06/18/20 - As of 12 noon today (Thur., June 18) we have 11 spots left on this Saturday's Player roster. Remember, you must call in (828-891-2399)and leave your name and number, how many players you have and then we will call you back so you can pay for your players. Only those pre-registered and paid will be allowed to play. We will NOT be taking any walk-on players. Only 11 spots left! Call now.

             06/17/20 - We've been attempting to set up an ONLINE sign up for players to play this Saturday (June 20), but ran into a few snags, so instaed, we're going to use the field's answering machine to sign people up. We are only taking 20 players this Saturday and we're playing from 11am to 4pm. If you call the field (828-891-2399), leave a message with your name, how may people in your party, how many need rental equipment, and a phone number to reach you at so we can get a non-refundable payment to lock in your spot. The 20 spots will be reserved in the order they are in (on the answering machine) and paid in full. So, if you want to play, don't wait. Call and get your spot!

             06/10/20 - Okay, looks like we'll officially be re-opening on Saturday, June 20. We're still prepping the place to adhere to all the pandemic rules and such. We should have the online pre-registration option up by this Friday. And since we're only taking 20 players (and no walk-ons), you need to get online and sign up ASAP. More to come.

             06/08/20 - Some of the guidelines we'll be following on our re-opening are: 1) No Walk-ons allowed. Everyone will have to pre-sign/pre-pay online to reserve a spot on any given Saturday. This cuts down on the exchange of funds and helps stay within the alotted crowd size. 2) LOF will be closed on Sundays. 3) All players and staff will have their temperatures taken before being allowed into the building, so stay home if you feel sick. Anyone with a temperature of 99 degrees or more will be told to leave. No refunds will be given to rejected players. 4) A 24-hour advance cancellation will be allowed with no penalties toward payments. We will not refund money, but will reschedule or apply toward your account for your next visit. 5) Hand sanitizer will be available and its use encouraged. We're installing a sink in the front yard for players to wash their hands frequently. 6) Social Distancing will be encouraged. When available, players will be encouraged to stage from their personal vehicles. Those that are dropped off can use the tables in the front yard and stage at the green X's on the tables. More to come. Stay tuned.

             06/07/20 - LOF stagged a 'mock' reopening today using the 4F SQUARD team members to stand in as the 'public', so we could accustom ourselves with all the 'social distancing' rules while getting players on and off the play fields. Everything seemed to go smoothly, so we are looking forward to reopening soon. We had scheduled to open up on Saturday, June 13 (and we still may), but we're keeping a close watch on any spikes in Covid outbreaks due to all the protesting, rioting and people going back to their 'normal' lives. An announcement will be made early this week as to the re-opening date. Stay tuned and stay well.

             05/23/20 - Well, we're starting to see a few fields across the USA open back up for play and we're continuing to plan our reopening as well. We'll start slow and probably only take a limited number of players at first, so make sure you get signed up ASAP if you want to be in the first groups out. We'll soon announce where and when to reserve a spot for play. Everybody stay safe and well and start getting your gear ready.

             05/09/20 - LOF is not open yet due to the Covid-19 threat. Stay tuned for a yet-to-be-determined re-opening date. Everyone stay safe and stay well. We will be slinging paint again before too long.

             04/26/20 - Just checking in with everyone. Anybody out there wanting to play some paintball? We can't wait to reopen and get some paint flying again, but it looks like it will be a little longer till we're able to do so. Keep your chins up. We'll all come through this together. Until then, Stay safe, stay home and stay well.

             04/12/20 - Happy Easter everyone! Stay home, stay safe and stay well. Let's get this thing over with and get back to playing!!!

             04/04/20 - Hope everyone is weathering the 'stay at home' storm okay. We're REALLY looking forward to opening up again. I've talked to other field owners in other states and can't say how sad I am that some of them are staying open. The only way I see to get over this is to let it die down by staying home. Everybody stay positive. We'll be playing agin before yo know it.

             04/01/20 - ANNOUNCEMENT: LOF is extending is CLOSED status until April 30. Everyone stay well, stay home and let's get this over with.

             03/17/20 - ANNOUNCEMENT: Following government advice, Line of Fire Paintfields has decided to stay closed until March 29, 2020. Let’s all do our part to ‘flatten the curve’ and end the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Avoid gatherings of more than 10 people, stay home, wash your hands often, help those in need, and we’ll all get through this much quicker and get back to playing the sport we love. Might be a good time to take inventory of your equipment and note any repairs/needs you have. We will continue to order parts/supplies for our customers. More importantly, take this opportunity to spend time with family. We’re praying for a quick end to this pandemic and would like to thank (and praise) all the nurses and doctors ‘in the trenches’.

             03/14/20 - Unfortunately, several issues have forced us to postpone the TIPPMANN ONLY SUNDAY for a few weeks. Our apologies to those altering their plans in hopes of attending what always turns out to be a great event. We were really looking forward to it as well. There will be a TIPPMANN ONLY SUNDAY in the near future. Please watch our website and Facebook page for more information coming soon. LOF will be closed tomorrow and return next weekend on our new Spring hours. Everyone stay safe, stay well and keep washing those hands!

             03/13/20 - We had a couple of calls today from scheduled groups with players concerned if we will be open this weekend. Rest assured that Line of Fire will be open its normal schedule this Saturday (March 14) from 10am to 5pm. We are taking the current situation with the Coronavirus COVID-19 quite seriously and we are asking our players to do the same. If you feel sick, please don't come out to play. Many of us have elderly family members in our homes and don't wish to bring any sickness home to them, even if it's just a common cold. So do the right thing and make the right call as to whether to play or not. We have several hand sanitizer stations and request that players use them often. The weather for Saturday (tomorrow) looks to be perfect for playing. Sunday's weather has taken a change for the worse and may, along with other factors, make us postpone the scheduled TIPPMANN ONLY SUNDAY. Stay tuned as more unfolds and helps us make that decision. Stay safe, stay well and WASH YOUR HANDS often.

             03/12/20 - Got several 'old school' LOF players coming out this Saturday to blow the cobwebs out of their equipment and put their skills to the test. Come out and mix it up with them. Sunday is our first TIPPAMANN ONLY SUNDAY for 2020. All markers used have to be Tippmanns. See y'all this weekend.

             02/26/20 - Tippmann owners, mark your calendars now for our upcoming TIPPMANN ONLY SUNDAY on March 15 (12PM to 5PM). All markers on the field will be Tippmann, leveling the playing field for all. If you want to play, but don't own a Tippmann (shame on you), don't worry - ALL of LOF's 'rental' guns are Tippmanns! Come jump in on a super fun day!

             02/25/20 - As most of you know, for years we have had a video contest each winter where our customers are challenged to depict snowmen playing paintball in some fashion and video to share with other players. All entries become the property of LOF, but you'll be granted some cool prizes. So, keep your video cameras charged and ready and maybe plan out an idea now, so when a snow DOES hit, you can already have a plan. Lights! Camera! Snow!!!

             02/23/20 - Thanks to all who came out and played in our STAR WARS games yesterday. There was no 'overall' winning team as this was not a 'theme' day, where scores were added after each mission, but a 'special' day, where victories were assigned per mission. Both sides won missions and we think everyone had a good time. Congrats to Scott Southwick who took home 'Best Dressed' and 'MVP' awards. Scott received several Star Wars prizes for his efforts in 'dressing up' and a FREE pass to our next big event, MOONSHINE WARS (whose date has yet to be determined).

             02/17/20 - Had players with 'cabin fever' come out this weekend and enjoy some great games. We'll try and get pictures up soon, but there's a lot to do for next Saturday. Don't forget that this coming Saturday is our STAR WARS DAY. It's not a 'theme' day with missions, just a regular day, flavored with Star Wars games (some taken from past SW theme days), so if you've never experienced a theme day, but wanna get an idea what it's like (without the usual price increase), then this day is for you. Lots of prizes and awards given away all day long. 'MVP' and 'Best Dressed' awards will be given. May the Force be with you!

             02/06/20 - Just a reminder that LOF will be CLOSED this Saturday (Feb. 8), but will be open 'extended' hours (11am - 5pm) on Sunday, Feb. 9.

             02/03/20 - Some of you missed out on some really good paintball this past weekend. The weather was unusually good for this time of year. Don't forget that LOF will be closed this coming Saturday (Feb. 8), but will be open 'extended' hours on Sunday, Feb. 9, from 11am to 5pm. Pre-registration for our STAR WARS DAY online is closed, but you can still pre-register (and save money) at our retail store during open hours. We also have our annual Valentine's Special on Sat., Feb 15, where every paying guy (purchasing walk-on, air and paint) can bring a playing gal for FREE (she'll get walk-on, air and one bag of field paint). Lots coming up at LOF. Stay tuned!

             01/30/20 - Two good weekends in a row!? The weather this weekend (Feb.1 - 2) looks to be perfect for paintballin' and that's a rare thing this time of year, so take advantage and plan to jump in on the fun this Saturday and/or Sunday. We'll be closed the following Saturday, Feb. 8th, so that's another reason to play THIS weekend. We have a few parties already scheduled for this weekend, so should be a good turnout. Also, we'll be giving away a FREE pass to our upcoming STAR WARS DAY on Feb. 22.

             01/22/20 - Well, looks like we might get a break in the weather for once this weekend. The last three weekends were wet, but so far, no rain planned for this weekend. Maybe a little chill in the air, but dry. We have a couple of groups planning on playing Saturday, so come on out and jump in. Don't forget about presigning for the STAR WARS DAY on Feb. 22. It will be a limited player event, so if you want to guarantee yourself a spot, go to and pre-reg and save $12. But hurry, this offer closes on Jan. 31. Next week, we'll be announcing some great prizes for the Star Wars Costume contest as well, so stay tuned.

             01/06/20 - With Christmas and New Years behind us, it's time to start planning our events for 2020. First up is our STAR WARS DAY on Sat., Feb. 22 (with a rain-out date of Feb. 29). It will not be a full blown 'theme day' but a 'special' day which only costs $5 above a regular days play at LOF. We'll still run some Star Wars missions and regular games (with Star Wars flavoring), have a costume contest (with awesome prizes), and have giveaways throughout the day. Pre-reg on our weebly page ( to save some money, but hurry because the 'early bird' pre-registration is only open for a limited time.

             01/01/20 - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!

             12/26/19 - Had a couple of great families come out and play today. We'll be posting their pictures later tonight on our Line of Fire FaceBook page. Just a reminder that LOF will be closed tomorrow, Friday, Dec. 27, but will be open Saturday, Dec. 28 (10am - 5pm) and Sunday, Dec. 29 (12pm - 5pm). It's the last chance to get some paintballing in before we turn the calendars to 2020, so come on out and get one more weekend in.

             12/22/19 - Line of Fire's retail store will be open on Monday, Dec. 23 from 11am to 5pm for your last minute Christmas shopping. Still have plenty of gifts and stocking stuffers. Many items 10% OFF!!!

             12/19/19 - It's the last weekend before Christmas so let's get some paintballin' in before your new Christmas paintball gear arrives. We know that several of you are getting some really great paintball gear this year, but Santa won't let us tell you. Due to an online poll (on our Facebook page), quite a few call-ins and talking to players at the field, we've given the players what they wanted and moved our STAR WARS DAY to early February. We'll make an absolute date after Christmas. So, don't waste your time. Start working on those Star Wars costumes because this event's 'Best Dressed' player will go home with something really special that any true Star Wars fan would love to have (but very few do). More about that later. We'll be playing our new 'Christmas Games' one more time this weekend, then putting them away until next year. See y'all this weekend.

             12/11/19 - Players, don't forget that LOF is CLOSED this Saturday (Dec. 14), but we'll be open Sunday (Dec. 15) from 12pm to 5pm. Also, we all know that things get more hectic the closer we get to Christmas, and, our schedules start filling up fast, so take a minute and plan to attend our Star Wars Day on Dec. 21. Pre-register at and pay only $15 for Walk-on AND All-Day Air! That's a savings of $12. Lots of great prizes. You'll be sorry you missed it.

             12/09/19 - WOW! What a great day of paintball. If you missed last Saturday's CHRISTMAS PARTY, you really missed a good one. The new games were great and we had the right players on hand to kick them off right! Congrats to our award winners. Malachi M. (as Santa) and Carver S. (as Rudolph) took home the 'Best Dressed' award and will each receive a FREE half case of paintballs on their next play day at LOF. Chris K. took the 'Ugly Sweater' award and he'll get a FREE half case of paintballs on his next play day. Nigel B. took 'MVP' for his efforts (especially in the 'Twas the Night Before' mission) and gets a $50 shopping spree in our retail store. Everybody start planning to attend the STAR WARS DAY on Dec. 21 (the day after the new Star Wars movie premieres). We've got lots of great SW prizes to give away and we're hoping to see a lot of SW characters dressed up for this event.

             12/02/19 - Players, come join us this Saturday, Dec. 7, as we hold our Christmas Party from 10am to 5pm. We'll be running some missions from our previous SvG theme days, so if you want to get a taste of what theme days are like without all the extra costs, this day is for you. We're encouraging everyone to wear an 'ugly sweater' or dress up as a 'Christmas character' to play in and try to take home the 'Best Dressed' award (which also receives a FREE case of Graffiti paintballs). See ya'll here.

             11/28/19 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING, everyone! Lots of announcements today so read on. We are, of course, closed today for Thanksgiving, but will be open tomorrow for our annual BLACK (AND BLUE) FRIDAY from 12pm to 5pm. Due to several large groups having to reschedule, the Dec. 7 Star Wars/Christmas Theme Day has been replaced with a LOF Christmas Party. The cost is now only $5 over a regular day (to help cover all the great giveaways throughout the day). We'll be running several 'Christmas missions' throughout the day and having a blast. Players are still encouraged to dress as a 'Christmas character' or wear an 'ugly sweater' to play in, as we'll still be holding a 'Best dressed' contest (the winner goes home with a FREE case of Graffiti paintballs). All players that pre-registered online for the event will receive their same packages and a $10 credit to their account, or a full refund, whichever serves them best. Please contact us to let us know which you prefer.

             11/14/19 - Just a reminder that tomorrow is the LAST day to pre-register for the STAR WARS CHRISTMAS Theme Day and save $20 at

             11/13/19 - Players! Tonight is the night! Make sure and tune into the History Channel at 9PM and watch FORGED IN FIRE where our own Billy Salyers will be competeing. If you made our anniversary celebration on Sat., Oct. 26, you got to see some of Billy's magic first hand.

             11/05/19 - MARK YOUR CALENDARS! It's that time of year again. We'll be switching to our 'Winter' hours this week. That means Saturday hours will be 10am to 5pm and Sundays will be 12pm to 5pm until the time changes back. Don't forget to lock in your spots for our STAR WARS CHRISTMAS Theme Day (Dec. 7) by going to and save $20 until Nov. 15. We're running a $77 special to celebrate Star Wars premiere in 1977. After Nov. 15, everything is full price. See y'all this weekend.

             11/03/19 - For those that remembered to set their clocks back, we'll be opening at 1PM today. To those that forgot, we'll be opening at 2PM. Today is the last day for 'Fall' hours. Tomorrow we start our 'Winter' hours.

             10/28/19 - Thanks to all who came out and helped us celebrate our anniversary this past weekend. Unfortunately, the weather was the winner this weekend and kept attendance low. But, not to be outdone,we are extending the celebration to include this coming weekend (Nov. 2-3). So, if you didn't get the chance to attend, don't worry. You still can. We've still got lots of prizes and goodies to send home with players (including an ultra-rare 'PURPLE' LOF Barrel Sock). All 'BLACK' LOF Barrel Sock owners can get a FREE bag of paint this weekend with their paid walk-on. Everyone who received an Anniversay Patch this past weekend can use it to get a FREE walk-on (YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PATCH WITH YOU). Special thanks to Billy Salyers (of Yellow Rose Forge) for coming out, setting up and teaching us all a little about forging. I, for one, cannot wait to go take his forging class and make my own blade, handle and leather sheath soon. Let the party continue!!!

             10/23/19 - Great news concerning our Anniversary Celebration this coming weekend. Not only will Billy Salyers (of Yellow Rose Forge) be attending the event, he'll be forging in the front yard and cutting our anniversary cake with the blade he competed with on the TV show KNIFE OR DIE (on the History channel). Looks like Billy will be on this new season of FORGED IN FIRE as well, as we caught a glimpse of him on the commercial announcing the new season. Lots of fun to be had and the weather forecasts are changing for the better the closer we get to the event.

             10/06/19 - Had some really great groups this past week and weekend. We're really looking forward to the upcoming ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION on Oct. 26 & 27. Make sure and pre-sign on our weebly page ( or come by the field and pre-sign so you'll get this year's commemorative patch! It's $15 for Saturday or $15 for Sunday, or $25 for BOTH! Only players that pre-sign will receive the commemorative patch. We've got new games, food, music and lots more planned for the event. It's always a favorite of mine, just because so many 'old school' LOF players drop in and say 'Hi' at our anniversaries. Pre-sign ASAP!!!

             09/22/19 - Congratulations to the 'Green Team' for their victory in yesterdays AREA 51 Theme Day. They came off the starting line hard and didn't let up until the final piece of evidence was delivered, ending the game. We saw a lot of 'heart' from many of the players, which made it particularly difficult to choose a single MVP (Most Valuable Player). So, we didn't! We actually chose three. Congrats to Anthony Prochilo, Kooper Cairnes and Jack Wankel. For their efforts, these 3 gentlemen will all receive a FREE pass to LOF's upcoming ANNIVERSARY EVENT and will have All-Day Air and a case of Grafitti Paintballs to go with it. We are working through the photos and hope to have them up in the next couple of days so everyone can see what a great time we had. But, the question still remains.......Are THEY out there?

             08/20/19 - Summer's gone! Well, not entirely, but we're getting ready for our annual 'season change' where weekdays open up and weekends fill up. Just have a couple more 'summer' groups this week and then we gear up for larger weekend turnouts. It's always an exciting time as 'open weekdays' allow us to tidy up the field and replace buildings/bunkers where needed. Also, we start planning and having theme days in the cooler months. Our AREA 51 is just around the corner and over half the limited spots are gone. Don't forget to pre-sign ASAP if you want to play in this game. It's gonna be outta-this-world! We're still looking for more solid satellite dish antennas (6-foot and larger) and mannequins (for props), so please let us know of any you may see.

             08/14/19 - Had a great weekend. Had lots of new players and made lots of new friends. Saturday saw the return of several 'veteran' players we hadn't seen in some time and it was like 'Homecoming'. Sunday, we had 2 bachelor parties, a birthday celebration and several regulars. Our AREA 51 Theme Day is approximately half full now, so if you want to assure you get to play in it, go to and pre-register ASAP. $25 will lock in a spot in the game.

             08/06/19 - We're hearing lots of chatter online and at the field about players thinking about attending the upcoming AREA 51 Theme Day on Sat., Sept. 21. If you really want to play in this game, we highly reccomend pre-signing ASAP to lock in your spot. There are only 65 spots available in this theme day and last month's 'early bird' savings deal got the ball rolling fast! Our player roster is filling up more and more each day. Don't miss out like so many have done at past theme days on all the fun we had. You can lock in your spot with $25 at and assure you'll be in on the action. If you've never been to a theme day, check out these videos from some of our past theme days: 2017 Santa vs Grinch, 2017 Wild West, 2013 Holy Grail, 2016 Santa vs Grinch & 2017 Wild West.

             08/04/19 - Congrats to our scenario team, the 4F SQUAD, on their performance in yesterday's WALKING DEAD SURVIVE OR DIE 2019 big game at Command Decisions Wargame Center in Taylorsville, NC. Not only did our side (The Kingdom) win, but our squad also brought the MVT (Most Valuable Team) award for the second year in a row! Thanks to all the 'regular' players from LOF that helped us win the fight! The heat was brutal, but everyone fought through it (and several showers) to claim the win. Hoping all of you (and more) will accompany the 4F Squad to the FULDA GAP game at the same field in Nov. later this year.

             08/02/19 - Just a reminder that we will be CLOSED this Saturday (Aug. 3), but will be open extended hours on Sunday (Aug. 4) from 11am to 6pm.

             08/01/19 - Congrats to all the players that used the 'early bird' pre-registration for our upcoming AREA 51 Theme Day and saved some serious cash. You can't get those savings anymore, but you can lock in your spot in this limited-players game by going to and pre-registering.

             07/24/19 - Today we announce our next theme day. AREA 51 will be held on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019. Sign up and join the collective that wants to expose the evidence found after infiltrating Area 51, or join the A51 Security forces and destroy all evidence. But, be careful, alien abductions will take 'subjects' from both sides! Log on to before Aug. 1 and get the 'early bird' package for only $51 (It will be $73 after Aug.1).

             06/07/19 - Here's a great way to save some money playing paintball. Today (06/07/19) through next Friday (06/14/19), we're offering a LOF SUPER SUMMER PASS that will allow you to play EVERY Saturday in July with Walk-on, All-Day Air and a bag of paint for only $99! Hurry, 'cause they won't be available after next week. Log on to and purchase today.

             04/27/19 - Get out your STAR WARS costumes and dress up for play on May 4th during our 'May the 4th be with you' Special. All players dressing like a Star Wars character (a REAL costume, not a Star Wars t-shirt) will receive a Free Walk-on and All-Day Air on their next visit to LOF. The 'Best Dressed' will receive a FREE THEME DAY PASS, including FREE Walk-On, FREE All-Day Air and a FREE case of Graffiti Paintballs (an $80 value) to the LOF STAR WARS THEME DAY in December 2019.

             03/31/19 - Thanks to everyone who came out for our Monty Python Holy Grail Theme Day yesterday. Congrats to the Black Knight (Frank Sims) and his knights on winning the overall Holy Grail Theme Day. They won over King Arthur (Aron Higley) and his knights by a final score of 6,580 to 5,050. But alas, the search for the Holy Grail will continue as the Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog (Thomas Sweezy and Nick Montaperto) successfully protected the Grail from being claimed by either team. Thanks to all who played in the game, to those who dressed up for the part, and to the 4F Squad team for reffing the event! Check out the pics of the fun we had on our SPLATSHOTS Facebook page.

             02/18/19 - Thanks to all the couples, groups and individuals that came out and played in our Valentine's Day Special games on Saturday. We made a lot of new friends and had some amazing games. Photos from the events are going up today on the SPLATSHOTS page as well as the pre-registration for our Monty Python Holy Grail Theme Day will be opening up on the WEEBLY page. There are (3) packages available, all saving you money off the 'day-of-event' prices. Start working on your costumes now, because the 'Best Dressed' player at the Holy Grail Theme Day will go home with a FREE case of Grafitti paintballs!

             01/30/19 - Looks like we may get another break this weekend and the temperature on Saturday should reach in the mid to high 50's. We are scheduled to be closed on Sunday (Superbowl Sunday), but will gladly open if someone has a group of 10 or more players and will put down a $50 non-refundable deposit (can be used upon your arrival).

             01/25/19 - Lots of good stuff happening tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be good for the first time in 6 weeks. To celebrate, we're gonna hold a B.A.N.D. (Bring A Newbie Day) day. Every paying player can save $10 on their own walk-on by bringing a 'newbie' (never played at LOF before) along with them. Let's have some fun while we can. Never know what February's weather will bring. We'll also be giving away a FREE pass to our next scheduled theme day, Monty Python's Holy Grail on Sat., Mar. 30.

             01/22/19 - GOOD NEWS! Looks like we may have our first good weather weekend since SANTA vs GRINCH back in December. For the first time in several weeks, the bad weather is during the week and not on the weekend. Let's take advantage and sling some paint!! LOF is open Saturday (Jan. 26) from 10am to 6pm and Sunday (Jan. 27) from 1pm to 6pm.

             01/20/19 - Thanks to all the players that braved the weather this past weekend and came out and played with us. It was wet on Saturday and rather cool on Sunday, but both days saw some awesome games. We already have a lot on our plate for tomorrow, Monday, Jan 21, but we agreed to open for a group from 12PM to 3PM, so if you wanna get a few hours of paint-slinging in, come out and join in!

             01/16/19 - We've had some 'iffy' weather the first couple of weekends of 2019 but our players have managed to squeeze in some playtime here and there. Usually had at least one good day (either Saturday or Sunday), but this coming weekend, both days look questionable. Regardless, we'll be open as long as the traveling to and from the field is safe for our players. Come get in on the fun!

             01/01/19 - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!

             12/31/18 - First chance to play in 2019! Come play with us this Saturday (Jan. 5) from 10am to 6pm and Sunday (Jan. 6) from 1pm to 6pm. We already have groups scheduled for both days, so come on out and jump in on the fun! Thanks to everyone who played with us in 2018. We look forward to serving everyone in 2019 and making many more memories. See ya in the middle!

             12/26/18 - Last chance to play in 2018! We'll be playing this Saturday (Dec. 29) from 10am to 6pm and Sunday (Dec. 30) from 1pm to 6pm. Still have a few Christmas specials for sale as well. See you here!

             12/25/18 - MERRY CHRISTMAS from Line of Fire Paintfields!! We are, of course, closed today for Christmas, but will resume normal working hours tomorrow. Make sure and bring your new paintball toys out this weekend and try them out! Still have a few markers and such for those who received 'Christmas money' and LOF Gift Cards. Have a great Christmas and spend some time with the ones you love.

             12/23/18 - Just a couple of days left to Christmas shop at LOF! We'll be open for shopping AND playing today, Sunday, Dec. 23 from 1pm to 6pm and tomorrow, Monday, Dec. 24 from 10:30am to 3pm. Got lots of guns, goggles, paintballs, stocking stuffers and gift cards available. Let's play!

             12/12/18 - Christmas is just around the corner so we're opening special hours on weekdays the next 2 weeks to help out on your Christmas shopping. This Thursday (Dec. 13) and Friday (Dec. 14), the retail store will be open from 1pm to 6pm. We'll also run the same hours next week, Wednesday (Dec. 19) through Friday (Dec. 21).

             12/12/18 - ANNOUNCEMENT: In the ever growing tradition of dodging weather, we have decided to move the REINDEER GAMES to Sunday, Dec. 16 instead of Saturday. If you were entitled to a FREE pass, but can't make Sunday, we will still honor it on Saturday (Dec. 15).

             12/06/18 - Okay, due to the predicted weather for this weekend, LOF will: 1) Move the REINDEER GAMES to Sat., Dec. 15 (10am to 6pm) 2) Open for play on Sat., Dec 8 at 10am with expectations to close early (as soon as weather starts). 3) Give all players a FREE walk-on with the purchased of All Day Air and a bag of paint. 4) Close on Sunday, Dec. 9.

             12/03/18 - Congrats to the Grinch (Dan Rice), Max (Joseph Lawter) and the horde of gremlins on their win last Sunday at the SANTA vs GRINCH Theme Day. The final score was 2300 to 3550. Don't think for a minute that this wasn't a hard fought battle. When the 3-horn blast sounded on the last mission, ending the game, Grinch had succesfully delivered 6 objects to the correct buildings in the 'city' field, but Santa (Thomas Sweezy), Rudolph (Zack Lail) and the elves had delivered 5 toys and the 6th was mere steps away from being delivered. Talk about a 'photo finsh'! Unfortunately, it was so dark when the game ended that photos are not available. You can check out 'action' shots from throughout the day on our 'SPLATSHOTS' FaceBook page. Congrats to all the winners in our giveaways, to Dustin Bailey for 'Best Dressed', to Jeremy Oliver (MVP for Grinch) and Matt McMahan (MVP for Santa) who both won Proto Rize markers for their efforts. Players, don't forget that if you used our 'online' pre-registration option, you get a FREE Walk-On to this Saturday's REINDEER GAMES (10am to 6pm). We may move the REINDEER GAMES to Saturday, Dec. 15 due to the forecasted weather for this Saturday. An announcement will be made this Thursday letting everyone know what the final date is. Thanks again to our 'special' characters for playing their parts. Dan for his 4th year playing a part. Joseph Lawter and Zach Lail for jumpimg in for their first year, and to Thomas Sweezy, who was drafted at the last minute when our Santa failed to show. Thanks to the 4F Squad for reffing the event, to Charity Salyers for brining cakes and cupcakes and mostly to you, the players, for being the heart of our games.

             12/01/18 - Okay, so everybody has one more day to prepare for SANTA vs GRINCH which will take place tomorrow. Don't miss out on this historic game. The last SvG theme day EVER at LOF!! This year's tie breaker (the score stands at Santa: 8 and Grinch:8) will determine FOREVER who has the rights to Christmas. Get your game plans together, work on your costumes or just come by the store and make purchases. The play fields are closed today, but the retail store is open from 12pm to 5pm. A great time to shop without a bunch of players filling up the store. Guns, tanks, masks, gift cards, and lots of other goodies for Christmas are available.