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             12/14/17 - Modification to our Christmas shopping hours. Thursday, Dec. 21, the store AND fields will be open from 12PM to 5PM. Then, after Christmas, on Friday, Dec. 29, the store AND fields will be open from 12PM to 5PM. We have several groups planning on playing both of these days, so come on out and enjoy the fun!

             12/13/17 - With only 11 days left till Christmas, LOF starts its 'Winter Hours' today to help everyone with their Christmas paintball shopping. We'll be open from 4PM to 7PM every Wednesday and Thursday until Christmas and 3PM to 7PM on Fridays. Also, since we got snowed out last Saturday (which was supposed to be our REINDEER GAMES), we'll be honoring everybody's FREE walk-on (for every player that pre-registered for Santa vs Grinch using the online option) on Saturday (Dec. 23). Now's the time to get your LOF Gift Certificates, stocking stuffers and there's still time to order any 'special order' guns and still get them here for Christmas.

             12/10/17 - LOF will be OPEN for 'snow play' today from 12pm to 6pm. Come play in the first snow of the season.

             12/09/17 - LOF will remain CLOSED today due to yesterday's snow storm. We recieved approx 10 - 11 inches. We will make a call on Sunday's opening or closing after we see if any snow clears today.

             12/06/17 - Photos from the SvG Theme Day are viewable on the SPLATSHOTS Facebook page by clicking here and the official video can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here. Enjoy!!!

             12/03/17 - Congrats to Grinch, Max and their 'gremlins' on winning this years (16th annual) SANTA vs GRINCH Theme Day (SvG) yesterday. Grinch (Dan Rice) and Max (William Peeples) led their army against Santa (David Burns), Rudolph (Cody Miller) and the elves for another win, bringing the current score to SANTA: 8 / GRINCH: 8, so, 2018's event will be a tie breaker. Thanks to everyone who signed up using our online registration which worked great, but we plan to improve still. Also, thanks for everyone's patience concerning our (extra) late start-up yesterday. We were a tad understaffed and I know I was doing 3 different jobs, slowing things down. There was also some feedback from players that we are implementing to make next year's SvG (and other theme days) even better! Congrats to all the winners in the drawings, to Richard Walker for getting 'Best Dressed' (thereby taking home a FREE case of Grafitti paintballs) and hats off to Jude Swire-Clark and Tyler Matthews who won the MVP award for each of their teams and both went home with a Proto RIZE marker for their efforts. Don't forget that if you used the online registration for SvG this year, you get a FREE walk-on next Saturday (Dec. 9) for our REINDEER GAMES. Carry on!

             11/29/17 - The SANTA vs GRINCH THEME DAY (SvG) sold out a day early. The pre-registration was set to expire on Thursday evening (at 6PM), but all the (65) spots sold out last night. Congrats to those who got a spot and get to play in what we consider to be the 'funnest theme day' each year. We've got some new missions and several of the buildings in the city field have been replaced with new structures, so there'll be some new angles to figure out. There'll be lots of giveaways including MVP for each team (so bring your 'A' game) and 'Best Dressed', so get to work on those costumes. Don't forget that SvG is an 'EVENT PAINT ONLY' game, so leave all your old paint at home. Anyone caught shooting paint other than paint sold on Saturday will be ejected from the game and sent home. Also, don't forget to make plans for NEXT Saturday as all paying SvG players get FREE walk-on on Dec. 9 for REINDEER GAMES. LOF will be closed this Sunday (as we usually are after a theme day) so we'll see everybody else next Saturday. Now back to work on the SvG event. It's gonna be awesome.

             11/27/17 - The options for pre-signing with packages for SvG has expired. Hats off to the 40+ players that took advantage of the opportunity and will save money on gameday. There are still a few spots left and can be claimed by logging onto and locking them in with $25. This is our 16th Annual SANTA vs GRINCH Theme Day and the Grinch is ahead by one game (Current score: 8 to 7). Our store and fields will be closed this week to allow us to get ready for the big game on Saturday. We have already torn down 2 buildings (thanks to the help of several 4F Squad team members) and will be replacing them sometime this week. Starting Dec.13, the LOF retail store will be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays (4PM to 7PM) and on Fridays (3PM to 7PM) for you last minute Christmas shopping. And, just when you thought buying your gun at LOF couldn't get any better, anyone buying a Tippmann TiPX, A-5, Custom 98 or TMC will recieve a $30 refund back. These guns will still be covered under the famous LOF Life-Time Labor Free Warranty. Don't forget to work on your costumes for SvG. We've already seen a few and they are awesome. The 'Best Dressed' will go home with a FREE case of high end paintballs.

             11/23/17 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING, everyone! Just a reminder that our packages for saving money to the Dec. 2 SANTA vs GRINCH Theme day expire soon. Full packages expire this Sunday (Dec. 26) at 6PM and Spot Reservations will close on Thursday, Dec. 30 at 6PM. We had several more sign up yesterday and now we're well past over half of the 65 available spots. If you definitely want to play this game, we suggest signing up ASAP at Hope everyone gets to relax and spend time with love ones today and then come out tomorrow for our 3rd Annual BLACK AND BLUE Friday event (10am to 4pm).

             11/21/17 - LOF will be holding its 3rd Annual BLACK & BLUE Friday this week from 10am to 4pm. A perfect chance to burn off all that turkey from Thanksgiving AND get in some ballin' time. It's also a good opportunity to 'ditch' the kids to get some secret shopping done.

             11/16/17 - We had 13 players pre-register yesterday and lock in their spots for our Santa vs Grinch Theme Day on Dec 2, 2017. Don't miss out. Only 65 players will get to take part in this limited player game. Signing up early will save you money and make the theme day even better. Sign up HERE.

             11/14/17 - Pre-registration for our annual SANTA vs. GRINCH Theme Day is now open HERE! If you simply want to lock in your spot in this limited 65-player game, then choose 'Option 1'. If you need rental equipment, then choose 'Option 2'. If you have all your equipment, then choose 'Option 3' and get an extra bag of paint. Keep in mind that Options 2 & 3 are only available through Nov. 26 (at 6PM) and then Option 1 expires Nov. 30 (at 6PM). Using any of these online options will save you money as prices will be higher on the day of the event, and there may not be any spots left by then either. It always makes the theme day better when players sign up early as it gives us funds to buy/build better props for the event. Don't miss out on what many call "the funnest event at LOF each year". Sign up today!

             11/13/17 - Our scenario team, 4F SQUAD, returned from this year's FULDA GAP big game battered and bruised and full of stories to share. Pretty sure we all had a great time and want to return next year. Sadly, the game officials decided to call it a 'tie' this year. We were so hoping to win as we lost last year and wanted to get back on a winning streak. Looked like we had it in the bag until there was some contraversy over how the last base was taken. Talk to any 4F member and you'll hear some great tales including a tank flipping over, fires being set from the many smoke grenades used in this game and 'weathering' the 20 degree temperatures while camping out for the game. We were able to raise over $5000 for the Make-A-Wish foundation this year with over 1400 players attending the event. If you like playing at LOF, you definitely need to jump onboard with us and go next year. You won't regret it. There'll be plenty of pictures from the event posted on our SPLATSHOTS Facebook page soon. Check 'em out.

             11/03/17 - Players, don't forget to come out and play this weekend (Nov. 4 & 5) as we will be closed next weekend (Nov. 11 & 12).

             10/31/17 - Thanks to all the players that came out for our 12-hour Anniversary/Halloween Nightgame last Saturday and completely ignored the constant rain and played some of the best games ever at LOF. The PIZZA DELIVERY game was amazing. Congrats to Tyler Wooton and Jennifer Brevard who both received the 2017 Referee of the Year award. Also, congrats to all the winners in our hourly giveaways and drawings. You'll soon be able to pre-register for our 16th Annual SANTA vs GRINCH Theme Day on our weebly site. Stay tuned for more details.

             10/25/17 - Only one day left to pre-register for this Saturday's ANNIVERSARY/HALLOWEEN NIGHTGAME by logging on to: and securing your spot. The 'packages' offered here will not only save you money, but let you avoid standing in line while others are out playing. Everyone who signs up using the link also gets a special prize. We look forward to showing everyone a great 12-hour paintball event. Don't forget that there's also a costume contest. Winner gets a FREE case of paintballs. We'll be playing games that haven't been played at LOF in years! Don't wait. Sign up today.

             10/16/17 - A great weekend of paintball. Pretty good turnout on Saturday. A good crowd that made for some really fun games. Thanks to the referees on both days for keeping the ball rolling (or 'FLYING', as it may be). Sunday was our first TIPPMANN ONLY SUNDAY since 2014 and the turnout left something to be desired, but the games they played were epic! Thanks to TIPPMANN SPORTS and G.I. SPORTZ for all the cool giveaways. The players thouroughly enjoyed them and EVERYBODY went home with goodies! We'll be holding another Tippmann Only Sunday within the next two months, so keep tuned for the release of the date and tell all your Tippmann friends. The LOF Anniversary/Halloween Nightgame is only 2 weeks away (Oct 28) and the pre-registration list is starting to fill up. Don't wait and be left out. Jump on and sign up today. The celebration will run from 10AM till 10PM. We'll be digging into our bag of games and pulling out several old games we haven't played in a while including PIZZA DELIVERY, TURN THE COLORS and WEREWOLF. The BIG WOODS will be back in play after several weeks of being closed for rebuilding. After dark, we'll be playing by firelight in the city. All paying players will receive a commemorative patch of the event. There will be music, food, great games (on and off the field) and amazing giveaways throughout the day. This is an event you DON'T want to miss! We'll also be throwing in two passes to our SANTA VS. GRINCH THEME DAY during the anniversary event. Sign up early and save money.

             10/13/17 - Don't forget to pre-register for our upcoming LOF Anniversary/Halloween Nightgame on Oct 28, 2017. Three options to save you money at Special prize to everyone who pre-registers through this site before 10/26/17. And, of course, all paying players get a commemorative 'Anniversary' patch!

             10/12/17 - Players, don't forget that this Sunday is our TIPPMANN ONLY SUNDAY and only Tippmann markers will be allowed to play that day. Come enjoy a 'leveled' playing field. We haven't had this event since 2014 and many 'regulars' are really looking forward to it. We'll have prizes (courtesy of G.I. Sportz and Tippmann) given away throughout the day. If we give a Tippmann marker away, which one would YOU like to win? Hit us up on Facebook and let us know. We'll also have a prize for the 'oldest' Tippmann marker used on Sunday. It must actually fire and be used in at least 3 games throughout the day. Don't worry if you don't have a Tippmann marker, 90% of our rental markers ARE Tippmann!

             10/07/17 - Due to the impending weather, we have decided to move the TIPPMANN ONLY SUNDAY (TOS) to Oct. 15. From what we've been told, it's gonna rain A LOT tomorrow, so we'll run a 'regular' Sunday tomorrow on Oct. 08. We've got a lot of awesome giveaways for the TOS event and many of you have been waiting since our last TOS event (back in 2014), so we want this to be an event to remember. Tell your friends. We'll also be giving away an award for the 'oldest' Tippmann marker that is used to play on the TOS day.

             09/27/17 - We've announced several upcoming events: Tippmann Only Sunday on 10/08/17, LOF's Anniversary/Halloween Nightgame on 10/28/17 and our annual Santa vs Grinch Theme Day on 12/02/17. Mark your calendars now as these are events you won't want to miss. There will be pre-registration for the last two on our weebly page soon so you can save money. Stay tuned.

             09/25/17 - WE'RE BACK! After almost 500 days of not using this website, we have returned and will soon be updating the entire website. Look for new updates and changes within the next several weeks.

             05/31/16 - Just a reminder to everyone wanting to play in the STAR WARS Theme Day this Saturday (June 4) that tomorrow (Wednesday, June 1) is the LAST DAY to sign up online at If you don't sign up by 6PM tomorrow, you'll have to wait till gameday and that means there's a good chance you'll miss the first mission or two. That is, IF there are any spots left available. Sign up today and save money!!!

             04/27/16 - THEME DAY ANNOUNCEMENT - We are sorry for any inconveniences, but we are being FORCED (get it?) to move the date for our STAR WARS Theme Day to June 4, 2016. We were truly looking forward to holding this particular theme day in a couple of weeks, but alas, life has thrown us some curves. Due to a family health issue, requiring us to spend much of the last 2 weeks in hospitals and doctors offices and a planned surgery in the upcoming weeks, we have failed to spend the needed time on planning and building for a theme day. Also, those that attended LOF this past weekend and were subject to the fallen tree in our 'city' field (which crushed one building, but was kinda fun and unique) can confirm that it's gonna take a day or two to remove said tree. With all this, and several groups wanting to book for the same weekend, we decided to delay the date and give everyone more time to finish their costumes ('Best Dressed' goes home with a case of Grafitti) and their entry in the Build-a-Droid contest ('Best Life-Sized Droid' goes home with a case of Grafitti paintballs). We'll be contacting everyone who pre-signed online to see if they want to transfer their fee to the new date, post the funds to their account, or get a refund. Thanks for your understanding. May the Force be with you! (And, now you have no excuse to not spend time with your mother on this Mother's Day weekend!)

             04/17/16 - Another great weekend (that's 2 in a row!) where we had some awesome games and made a lot of new friends. The countdown is on to the May 7 STAR WARS Theme Day and the roster is starting to fill up. Don't get left out. Log onto and pre-register to save money and assure you get to play in this 'stellar' game. Also, our Summer Camp (June 29 - July 1) is filling up fast. You can grab a spot at the same page we just mentioned. See everyone next weekend for more paint-slingin' fun!!!

             03/23/16 - We'll be closed this Sunday (March 27) for Easter, so hop on over and join in on the fun this Saturday. We'll be throwing in a couple of Easter-themed games along with the other regular games. Last year, we never saw so many raw eggs shot in single game before during our 'EGG RACE' game. And, we got lots of chocolate to give away. The fun that starts at 10am and runs till 6pm.

             03/20/16 - A great weekend. Awesome weather on Friday and Saturday with good crowds and even a small band of 'die-hard' players on Sunday during 'not-so-perfect' weather. Made some new friends each day and really enjoyed running games. Check out our Facebook page for photos from each day. Also, don't forget to visit to pre-sign and save money for the STAR WARS Theme Day on May 7.

             03/10/16 - Looks like the day to play this upcoming weekend is Saturday (Mar. 12). Some weather may be with us on Sunday. Also, don't forget to visit to pre-sign and save money for the STAR WARS Theme Day on May 7.

             03/07/16 - Had a good 'regular' Saturday (including 5 birthdays), follwed by the first 'Pump-Only' Sunday for 2016. We saw everything from old school pumps to the latest markers in the pump world on Sunday and the games varied just as much. Never knew a pump center-contro, could be so exciting. Check out the Facebook page for 'action' shots from the days activities.

             02/28/16 - Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us have a great weekend. Some awesome games and we really enjoyed making new friends. Don't forget that next weekend we'll have a regular day on Saturday (Mar. 5)(10am - 6pm), but a 'PUMP-ONLY' day on Sunday (Mar 6)(11am - 5pm). On Sunday, $30 will get you walk-on, Air and a bag of Graffiti. Get your pumps out and come have a blast with us.

             02/14/16 - Thanks to everyone who braved the cold temps and came out to take part in our VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL today. Lots of cool (no pun intended) games were played and all the ladies were kickin' butt! Congrats to everyone who won chocolates and prizes in today's games. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Collin Austin who came out to celebrate his 15th trip around the sun. Sorry we had several groups 'wuss' out. You guys would have had a blast. See everyone next weekend. Hopefully with a little higher temperatures! LOL. Stay warm and safe!

             02/10/16 - Just to clarify (since we've had several phone calls), this Sunday is LOF's annual VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL. It doesn't cost any extra to play, in fact, you can SAVE money. Every 'paying' guy (meaning he purchased a walk-on, all-day air & a bag of paintballs), can bring a gal for FREE (meaning she will get walk-on, equipment (if needed), air, and 250 paintballs FREE). You can also win special Valentines prizes in the special 'valentine' games we hold. The gal does not have to be your girlfriend or spouse. We have had players over the years introduce their sisters, aunts, moms and grandmoms to our sport. A great time to get new players into paintball.

             02/06/16 - We apologize for any inconvenience, but LOF will be CLOSED on Superbowl Sunday (Feb. 7). Start making plans for next weekend where Saturday (Feb. 13) will be a 'regular' open walk-on day from 10am to 6pm and Sunday (Feb. 14) will be our Valentine's Day Special (1pm to 6pm) where every paying guy can bring a gal for FREE. Special Valentines games will be played.

             02/06/16 - Happy Birthday to Austin Laughter who brought his buddies out to celebrate his birthday today. An awesome group of gentlemen that we look forward to having out again soon.

             01/28/16 - Okay, the snow is slowly going away and should almost completely be gone from LOF by this Saturday. Looks like we'll have a good crowd to play with - a couple of birthday parties and some of our 'regulars'. Temps are supposed to be nice also so bring your equipment and let's play!

             01/24/16 - Well, LOF will remained CLOSED today. Our field is up and ready to play but the surrounding roads are still fairly dangerous. NC 191 & 280 are fairly clear, but the side roads are still covered in ice. We look forward to having some 'snow games' very soon though. Everyone stay home and stay safe.

             01/21/16 - Charge up your video camera batteries and get ready for the snow, cause LOF is having its annual "Paintball Snowman" Contest. As soon as the snow gets here, go out and make a snowman (or 20) and show us at least one snowman involved in some paintball action. Send us the video or paste it on our LOF Facebook page for everyone to see and you may win a FULL pass to our April theme day (Star Wars: Battlefront or HALO 5 - to be decided). Lights! Camera! ACTION!!!

             01/19/16 - Some players say they don't like to play in the snow. We find that MOST of those players have never even TRIED playing in the snow. We look forward to our first day of 'snow play' at LOF in 2016. Keep a watch on the weather and plan to come out on the first good winter storm and try some paintball in the snow.

             01/17/16 - Well, we only got a dusting of snow, which was completely gone by the time we opened today. We started out slow at the field and started playing with 'pump' markers, then progressed to 'semi-auto' as more players arrived. At least the pump players got some practice in for our upcoming 'Pump-only Sunday' in February. If anyone wants to play this Monday or Tuesday (local schools are out) give us a call and leave your name and number. If we get enough requests, we'll open up . Later!

             01/15/16 - As of this morning, voting between HALO 5 and STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT to be our next theme day (April 2016) stands with Star Wars ahead by 9 votes. If you're a HALO fan and you want LOF's next theme day to be based on HALO 5, then you better log onto and vote. Most votes wins, but we're only voting until Jan. 31st. Looks like Saturday is the best day to play this weekend, so we'll see you all tomorrow.

             01/06/16 - What theme day will we run in April 2016? That's up to you! Log onto and vote between HALO 5 and STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT. Most votes wins. Later.

             01/01/16 - HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! LOF will be open tomorrow from 10am to 6pm. Come out and join us for the first day of play in 2016! We will be closed this Sunday, but return to regular weekend hours next weekend.

             12/27/15 - Made some new friends this past weekend, the last time we'll be playing in 2015. We'll be working on inventory this week and getting ready to play on Saturday, Jan. 2, 2016. If you want to play this weekend, come on Saturday as we'll be closed on Sunday (Jan. 3). Also, there's only a few days left to save $100 on the 2016 Summer Celebrity Paintball Camp. After Jan. 1, the prices increases to $249.95 and then increases again on June 1 to the full price of $299.99. So if you wanna lock in a spot at camp for $199, go to and save $100. See ya'll next year (2016)!!!

             12/25/15 - MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody! We hope you all got to spend time with love ones, eat lots of food and reflect on the day. Hope to see everyone tomorrow using all those new markers, masks and gift cards we sold. We'll be open 10am - 6pm.

             12/22/15 - We've pretty much wrapped up playing until the Saturday after Christmas, but if there's something you gotta have for Christmas, call and leave us your name and number. We'll be in and out repeatedly over the next several days and we'll call and let you know when you can pick anything up. Had quite a few last minute shoppers this morning. Looking forward to catching up on posting photos over the next several days. Keep checking the 'Pictures' page.

             12/20/15 - After several requests for us to open on Monday, Dec. 21 and a confirmed booking for a birthday party the same day, we have decided to open from 12pm to 5 pm so everyone can get that 'last game' in before Christmas. The weather looks to be good, so we'll probably have a small crowd. Come out and join the fun and grab that 'last minute' stocking stuffer for the paintballer in your life. We still have a few of our Christmas favorites available: ball haulers, LOF Gift certificates, Profiler and Grill helmets, Tippmann A-5 and Cronus markers, 2 and 3 pod belts, LOF supetubes, etc. See you soon!

             12/15/15 - It's that time of year again. People are looking for 'stocking stuffers' for their loved ones and we have one of the best....... LOF GIFT CARDS!! Available in $10, $25, $50 and $100 demominations. You can purchase them on our website at, or come in the store and purchase them. For those purchased on the website, the last day we will mail any out is this Friday (Dec 18). After Friday, you'll have to pick up at the retail store. This is also the last week to order special items that we can guarantee delivery for Christmas. Don't forget that a pass to our Summer Celebrity Paintball Camp (June 29 - July 1, 2016) makes a great gift as well. You can save $100 by purchasing before Dec. 31. Until the end of the year, you can purchase a pass to the 3-day camp for only $199 (regularly $299). We already have 8 players signed up for camp and we cap it at 30, so don't miss out. Grab your spot today and learn how to play like the pros!!!

             12/07/15 - Santa and his elves pulled off another victory at LOF's Annual Santa vs Grinch Theme Day this past Saturday setting the overall score to: Santa - 8 / Grinch - 6. But don't think it was easy for Santa (Wayne Smith) and his helpers. The Grinch (Nick Slagle) and his gremlins kept the victory within reach all day long and, at the final air horn blast, were as close as 175 points. Kudos to everyone for playing hard and keeping things fun. Hats off to the referees for staying on top of things and making sure props were in place and at the ready throughout the day. Congrats to the winners of the MVP awards, Erin and Briana, who deserved the Proto Rails they received. Don't forget that if you payed to play in the SvG event, you get to come to REINDEER GAMES on Sat., Dec.12 for FREE. We'll take care of your Walk-on Fee and All Day Air Fee, you just pay for paint. Also, start getting ready for our next theme day, HALO 5 in April 2016. Later.

             12/03/15 - Registration for Santa vs Grinch Theme Day is officially 'SOLD OUT'. We are taking names for a 'will call' list in case anyone backs out or can't make it. Looking forward to running a great theme day for everyone this Saturday. Come dressed up for Christmas. Best dressed gets a FREE case of paintballs!

             12/02/15 - Only a few spots left for Saturday's SANTA vs GRINCH THEME DAY. Sign up ASAP at:

             11/25/15 - LOF will be OPEN this Friday, Nov. 27 from 12pm to 6pm. We've had several groups call in requesting field time, so we'll give it a go. Come out and burn some turkey off.

             11/24/15 - More great stuff for LOF's Dec 5th SANTA vs GRINCH (SvG) Game. We just learned that pro-scenario player, Jason 'Foolybear' Lineberger, will be in attendance at the SvG event and he'll be bringing the all-new Gtek from Planet Eclipse for players to try out. And, while were talking Christmas, Foolybear and his teammates from scenario team CAPITAL OFFENSE will once again head up our 2016 Summer Celebrity Paintball camp (June 29 - July 01, 2016) and a pass to camp would make an awesome stocking stuffer for your paintballer this Christmas. Now's the time to save money as well. Just head on over to where the cost of our 2016 paintball camp is only $199 (a $100 savings) through Dec 31. As of Jan 1, 2016, the prices goes up to $250 and on June 1, 2016 goes full price at $299 for the 3-day camp. You can also secure a spot for the SvG event (less than half the spots are left) on the same site. Lots of great stuff coming up at LOF!!!.

             11/22/15 - An awesome weekend. Saturdays weather was spectacular and Sunday's was clear but cold and steadily getting colder. Thanks to everyone who came out and shared all the fun with us. Several players picked up their anniversary patches and prizes they won at the anniversary event on Dec 7. A local company grabbed 4 more spots for the Santa vs Grinch (SvG) Theme Day, so they're disappearing quick. If you plan on playing in the SvG, we advise you to go to and grab your spot before they're all gone. We've been contacted by a couple of groups wanting to know if we'll be open on the Friday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 27). If you're interested in playing on this day, please give us a call or e-mail us and let us know so we can get a big enough group to open.

             11/9/15 - Well, our LOF Anniversary patches arrived today......AFTER the event was over. If you attended the LOF Anniversary event on Dec. 7, make sure and pick up your patch on your next visit to LOF.

             11/8/15 - Thanks so much to everyone who came out yesterday and helped us celebrate another year! We had a blast running games for 13 hours straight! It was great to see some 'old school' players and add some new members to the 'LOF Family'. Congrats to all the winners in our giveaways. Pictures coming soon. Stay tuned.

             11/04/15 - CONTEST TIME! Since we're putting together a slideshow to present during our Anniversary celebration this Saturday (10am to 11pm), we've decided to make a contest out of it. Wanna win a really neat prize? All you have to do is go to our 'Pictures' page. Go to a date you played at LOF. Find the best picture of yourself playing and either post it on our FaceBook page or e-mail it to us at Everyone who posts or e-mails a picture of themselves will go in a special drawing for an awesome doorprize during Saturday's event. Pick the absolute best picture you can find cause we're giving a prize away for the 'best' photo too!

             11/01/15 - The countdown is on to this coming Saturday's Anniversary celebration. How do we celebrate? By having 13 hours (10am to 11pm) of non-stop paintball action. Lots of games, music, food and best of all DOORPRIZES!!!! Don't miss out on the best day of paintball you'll likely experience this year. Log onto and pre-sign to lock in your spot.

             10/29/15 - Halloween costumes are, by no means, mandatory this Saturday, but we are gonna send the 'Best Dressed' player home with an awesome prize! Weather looks to be great for Saturday as well and we have a couple of groups planning on coming out to play. Also, make sure and save some money by pre-registering for our Nov. 7 Anniversary celebration before closing time this Sunday. Up until then, you can get All-Day Walk-On (10am to 11pm) AND All-Day Air for $21. After that, it's $25 for walk-on and $10 for All-Day Air. That's a savings of $14, so go to and sign up today!

             10/25/15 - Had some great games with some great players this past weekend. Can't wait to share the photos. Stay tuned.

             10/23/15 - Great weather for tomorrow and it looks like a crowd is coming. Let's play!

             10/14/15 - Well, sorry to say it, but we'll be cancelling this Saturday's HOLY GRAIL Theme Day. We're still feeling the ripples (pun intended) from the last couple of weeks rain. We were forced to move the theme day to the only date available for us at LOF and it happens to be the same one many institutions have rescheduled for as well. Over half our intended players (and referees) have had to 'bow out' due to festivals, band competitions, etc. Also, there's a growing trend for players to 'wait till the last minute' to sign up for special events we hold. In the old days, (not too many years ago) players would sign up as soon as they heard of a scheduled event and it would 'sell out' long before the event's date. This made things so much easier to plan (food, paint, air, size of missions, etc), but, in today's world, people are expected to multi-task so much it makes it much harder to plan ahead. Make sure and pre-register for our upcoming Anniversary (Nov. 7), and our Santa vs. Grinch (Dec. 5) as soon as possible at . It REALLY helps us plan the events. To all the players who pre-registered online, let us know if you want to transfer your fee to another upcoming event (Anniversary, Santa vs. Grinch, etc) or come out and play this Saturday as planned. To all the groups we turned away, let us know if you would rather come out this Saturday or keep the date we moved you to. On the bright side, all the props we've repainted/rebuilt are gonna look awesome for next year's HOLY GRAIL! smile emoticon Gonna have some awesome weather this Saturday, so grab your friends and come out for a 'regular' walk-on day at LOF. See you then.

             10/12/15 - Players, don't forget that tomorrow (Wednesday) is the last day to pre-register online for Saturday's Monty Python Holy Grail Theme Day. Sign up ASAP to save money. Cost to sign up after Wednesday goes up. This is the second funnest event we hold each year and always generates the best tales shared for years at the field. Don't miss out. Pre-register at:

             10/05/15 - The HOLY GRAIL Theme Day has been rescheduled for Saturday, Oct. 17. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause, but the solid week of rain has taken its toll. Don't forget to pre-registration for HOLY GRAIL or any upcoming events at:

             10/02/15 - Due to the forecasted weather for this weekend, Saturday's NIGHTGAME will be postponed to a later date. The actual date will be announced on Monday. All who have prepaid can use their entry fee toward another day or leave it for use on the new date. As the 6 days of constant rain have not allowed us to work on the field for the Holy Grail Theme Day, chances are it will be delayed as well. Again, the actual reassigned date will be annouced on Monday. We will still run regular hours tomorrow (10a-6p) for all the bachelor and corporate groups that had already planned to come out and play. In fact, now that there's no nightgame, we may play a little later than 6pm. Everybody do their 'anti-rain' dance for tomorrow. We will be closed as scheduled this Sunday. Pre-registration for upcoming events is always available at:

             09/25/15 - With all the rain yesterday, today and forecasted for tomorrow, we have decided to postpone tomorrow's PUMP/PISTOL ONLY NIGHTGAME until next Saturday, Oct. 3 (6:30pm - 11:00pm). We've contacted most of the players already signed up and very few can't make it next week. Remember, LOF has limited 'pump' markers for rent, so if you need a pump marker sign up quick! There's still time to pre-sign online at:

             09/20/15 - Had some great times this weekend. A couple of bachelor parties on Saturday and a new 'Springs' group on Sunday. Almost a mini-homecoming on Saturday with several LOF family members returning after a long time away. Lots of great weather and gameplay. Looking forward to next Saturday's nightgame (6:30-11:00pm) following a regular day of play (10am-6pm) and a regular Sunday (10am-6pm). Start signing up for the HOLY GRAIL Theme Day on Oct. 10th. One of the funnest theme days each year and it's the 40th anniversary of Monty Python's Holy Grail movie, which one lucky player will go home with the Special Edition BluRay (well, they'll go home with a coupon for it as the BluRay isn't released until Oct 27).

             09/18/15 - We are all sad to hear of the passing of Paul 'Chief' Weeks, who was the backbone of the West Hendrson High ROTC for many years. We have many fond memories of him bringing the ROTC youth out to play at LOF. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Justin Weeks (son of 'Chief' Weeks and member of LOF's own 4F Squad for many years) and his family. And to 'Chief'......."Well done, soldier!"

             08/27/15 - Players, if you're not getting enough paintball action over the weekend, then come out on Monday, Sept. 7 (Labor Day) and play with us from 10am to 3PM. If you buy a walk-on on Saturday and a walk-on on Sunday, you get a FREE walk-on on Monday! It's gonna be a blast! And, just so there's no confusion..... Monday, Sept. 7 is an 'Open Walk-On' day. Anyone can show up and jump in on the fun.

             08/20/15 - Players, come out this Saturday (8/22/15) and join us for our BACK-TO-SCHOOL Special. Print and use the coupon on the title page to save money!

             08/02/15 - Well, call AMC and let them know that Rick and his forces are no more so cancel all shooting for the next season of Walking Dead. LOL, that is if our outcome has anything to do with it. The Terminus forces were able to defeat Rick and his forces to win our Walking Dead Theme Day yesterday. We had a blast. Some of our regular theme day players from SC and TN showed up and added to the fun. Congrats to Shiela Salyers (as Michonne) and Lamar Dempsey (as Daryl Dixon), who won 'Best Dressed' and will share a FREE case of paintballs on their next trip. Also our MVP award goes to Billy Salyers, who was a HUGE factor in the Terminus team winning. Billy receives a Tippmann A5 for his efforts. We've got lots of pictures and video (some taken with a drone thanks to Bill Reynolds) that we'll be posting soon. Congrats to the Terminus team again.

             07/18/15 - ALmost needed snokels and fins for today's activities, but the players didn't let a little (well, MORE than a little) rain stop them. Happy Birthday to Ian Bryson who came out and celebrated his special day with friends and family. Thanks to all who came out and had a good wet time with us. If nothing else, the rain gave us a break from the heat that started early this morning. See everybody tomorrow (1PM to 6PM).

             07/12/15 - We've been reaching near record setting temperatures over the past several weeks. Please make sure you stay well hydrated in ALL outdoor activities.

             06/29/15 - Wow! Summer is here already and it's time for LOF's annual SUMMER CELEBRITY PAINTBALL CAMP. It's a 3-day camp that starts this Wednesday and runs through Friday, 9am to 5pm each day. It's the most fun you'll ever have learning! Jason 'Foolybear' Lineberger and our other pro instructors will mold you into the player you long to be. No matter what level you play at now, this camp will help you 'fine tune' your game. Lunch and snacks are provided each day and up to 2 cases of paint are provided for each camper. You'll get a personally autographed photo of you and our pro instructors and a photo of your 2015 LOF Summer Camp Class. Come ready to play and learn. This tuesday is the last day to sign up for $275.00. You can sign up on Wednesday moring (if we have spots left), but the cost is $299.00. Let the good times roll (or fly as it may be).

             06/24/15 - ******ANNOUNCEMENT!!!******* Due to the 90% chance of SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS forecasted for this Saturday (June 27), we have checked with the majority of traveling players and groups and decided to postpone the Walking Dead Theme Day to Sat., Aug 1, 2015. All pre-registered players (prior to this post) will have their registration automatically moved to that date AND receive a FREE Walk-On for this Saturday (June 27). If you haven't started working on your costumes, this will give you more time. Remember the 'best dressed' goes home with a FREE case of paintballs. Get ready to escape from Terminus! Also, the ONLINE REGISTRATION for our Walking Dead Theme Day (06/27/15) is still live. There are (2) options. You can simply lock in your spot for $25 or get our earlybird package for $55 (which includes Theme Day Fee, All Day Air Pass and 1/2 case of field paint. So, click here and get in on the fun!

             06/18/15 - This Saturday is our annual FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL. Every paying player can bring dad along to play for FREE. We're closed on Sunday this weekend, so come on out on Saturday and quench your urge to sling paint! Also, the ONLINE REGISTRATION for our Walking Dead Theme Day (06/27/15) is live. There are (2) options. You can simply lock in your spot for $25 or get our earlybird package for $55 (which includes Theme Day Fee, All Day Air Pass and 1/2 case of field paint. So, click here and get in on the fun!

             06/07/15 - ONLINE REGISTRATION for our Walking Dead is live. There are (2) options. You can simply lock in your spot for $25 or get our earlybird package for $55 (which includes Theme Day Fee, All Day Air Pass and 1/2 case of field paint. The first player to use each of these options gets a FREE pass to our next theme day (after Walking Dead. So, click here and be the first!

             06/05/15 - Like coming to LOF Theme Days? Wanna come for FREE? Here's a chance. Tonight at midnight, ONLINE REGISTRATION for our Walking Dead goes live on our FaceBook page. There are (2) options. You can simply lock in your spot for $25 or get our earlybird package for $55 (which includes Theme Day Fee, All Day Air Pass and 1/2 case of field paint. The first player to use each of these options gets a FREE pass to our next theme day (after Walking Dead. So, jump on our FaceBook page tonight before midnight and be the first! See everybody tomorrow for a day of awesomness!

             05/26/15 - We've had several 'action-packed' weekends lately and added a lot of cool new players to the LOF family. Got lots of changes just around the corner that will make the field(s) even cooler to play. Night games and pump-only events are in the planning stages and the final storyline for the Walking Dead Theme Day is getting finished. Don't forget that if you're planning on attending this year's SUMMER CELEBRITY PAINTBALL CAMP, that you'll save money by signing up before June 1. Right now, the cost is $250 for the 3-day camp. On June 1 it goes to $275. Lots more coming. STay tuned.

             04/18/15 - We had a great day of paintball today. Several small groups and a church group made for a 'target-rich' environment. The weather was awesome as well. Only one small shower hit while playing today and moved through rather quickly. Tomorrow's weather doesn't look as promising. We'll open and see how it goes. Call before coming out to make sure it's worth your while.

             04/04/15 - Thanks to everyone who came out to play today and took part in some SPECTACULAR Easter-themed games. The Egg races on the speedball course were extremely fun to watch. There's a lot of talk from players about coming out this Tuesday (04/07/15) to play, so if you're 'out of school' or 'off work', come out and sling some paint with us from 11am to 6pm. Don't forget to sign up BEFORE closing time on Wednesday (April 8) to save a ton of money on LOF's SUMMER CAMP. Pre-registering before this time will get you in the 3-day camp for $199. After that it will cost you $250. Starting June 1, the price will be $275. We're only taking 20 campers, so sign up ASAP!! Speaking of limited players, our WALKING DEAD Theme Day has already started to fill up and (3) more players received passes today as prizes in our Easter Egg Hunt. The Walking Dead Theme Day will be limited to 80 players.

             04/02/15 - Looks like we may have a small crowd tomorrow (Good Friday) to play some ball. Have you got the 'paintball itch' during Spring Break? Come join us!

             04/01/15 - This is NOT an April Fool's joke. We have a LOF SUMMER CAMP super Easter Sign-up Special. Call in and get registered for this years LOF Summer Camp (July 1-3, 2015) between today and April 9th and get in for the low, low price of $199.00. After that, it goes up to $250.00 and then in June it goes up to $275.00. Don't miss out!! We ALWAYS have a super fun time learning to 'ball at camp!.

             03/29/15 - We had an AWESOME time at Forrest Gump Theme Day yesterday. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make it what it was! The final score will be posted soon and pictures are already up on the 'Pictures' page. Check 'em out. Don't miss next Saturday when we'll have our annual Easter-themed games. No extra costs, just Easter-themed games thrown in throughout the day! Later.

             03/23/15 - Just a few days left to lock in your spot in this Saturday's FORREST GUMP THEME DAY at the price of $25.00. Call in before closing on Friday (6PM), because day of the event, registration is $30 a spot. We are gonna have a blast! Don't miss this one!

             03/21/15 - Okay, kiddies, don't forget that LOF is CLOSED tomorrow (Sunday, March 22). Thanks to everyone who came out today and had a great time with us. Check out our FaceBook page for group photos later tonight. Don't forget that FORREST GUMP Theme Day is next Saturday and over half the spots are already gone! Call in and make sure you get in on this game. It's gonna be a blast!

             03/19/15 - We had an awesome time last Saturday at our Pi/PIE Day and the weather looks to be great again for this Saturday. We'll be closed on Sunday (03/22/15), so scrath your paintball itch on Saturday this weekend. And, don't forget that next Saturday (03/28/15) is our FORREST GUMP Theme Day. A GREAT time is guaranteed!!!

             03/13/15 - Saturday (March 14) is 'Pi' Day at LOF. We'll open at 9:26:53 AM and close at the regular 6PM. Wear a 'Pi' or 'PIE' shirt to win prizes. We'll be serving various pies and playing 'pie-related' games. Come early (there will be a crowd), play games and win pie. A tasty day of paintball!

             03/08/15 - What a GREAT weekend! Both at home and abroad - Our D5 tournament team, Fatal Effects, traveled to South Carolina and took 3rd in the CFOA 3-Man Tourney, our scenario team, 4F Squad, traveled the opposite direction and played in the 'pump only' event at The Alternative Sport in TN. Right here at home, we had 4 birthday parties, 2 bachelor parties and loads of 'public' players. Much paint was shot! So glad to see better paintball weather coming back. Look forward to weekends again! Don't forget that this coming Saturday (March 14) is 'Pi' Day at LOF. We'll open at 9:26:53 AM and close at the regular 6PM. Wear a 'Pi' or 'PIE' shirt to win prizes. We'll be serving various pies and playing 'pie-related' games.

             02/27/15 - We've still got a little snow left on the play fields, but it sounds like everybody's got a bad case of 'cabin fever' and are itchin' to come out and sling some paint this weekend. We'll open on Saturday from 10am to 6pm and on Sunday from 1pm to 6pm. See ya'll tomorrow.

             02/18/15 - Well, it's been pretty cold so far this week. Anything that fell out of the sky hasn't had an opportunity to melt much yet and looks like the temps will stay low the rest of the week. LOF will be closed this Thursday and Friday, but we'll reopen this Saturday and Sunday. Keep an eye on the weather. If it's too dangerous to get on the roads..... STAY AT HOME. We can always play NEXT weekend. More to come, so keep checking back. Stay safe and stay warm!!!

             02/15/15 - To our surprise, we had players today even as cold as it was. There were several small groups that fought on throughout the day and stayed till the end. It's gonna be cold the next several days and falling weather is promised, so stay safe and come see us next Saturday and Sunday. This year we'll have another 'SNOWMAN VIDEO CONTEST' (just like last year), so build a snowman (or 2) and show him (in some way) participating in paintball. There'll be a great prize to the winner. Get those cameras rolling! See ya in the middle.

             02/14/15 - Thanks to everyone who came out and played our Valentine's Day Special today. It was a real treat having so many ladies slinging paint with us. Happy Birthday to Harold Truempy and Casey Brown, who both brought groups out for their birthdays. You never would have known it was cold last night with as warm as it turned out to be this afternoon, but, as soon as the sun went down, the temperatures quickly followed. Gonna be a cold night, so everybody bundle up. The cold is supposed to be with us for several days, so tomorrow's turnout will be a surprise. Everybody get ready for our next theme day, Forrest Gump, on March 28th. Later.

             02/12/15 - Valentine's Day Special this Saturday! Every paying guy can bring a gal for FREE! Cheap Dates! Remember, nothing says "I Love You" like....... "Shoot Me!".

             02/08/15 - Wow! Some awesome weather this past weekend. Met lots of new friends and had some great games. Had a few birthdays on Sunday. Happy birthday to Jay Gonzalez, who celbrated his birthday a day early and Happy Birthday to Thomas French who came out to celebrate his birthday a day late, and Benton Wankel who brought his buddies out to help celebrate his 11th trip around the sun. That's 2 years in a row for Benton celebrating his birthday at LOF. Heard lots of talk by players saying they're bringing their girlfriends, wives, etc. to play at next Saturday's Valentine's Day Special. No extra costs, in fact, it's CHEAPER 'cause every paying guy can bring a gal for FREE. We have regulars every Valentine's Day event and they can tell you that we have some really fun 'special' games that we only play on Valentine's. Get your gals ready and come out for the fun! Lots of prizes to be given away that day too! Had several more pre-register for the March 28th 'Mystery' Theme Day. We're up to seven letters being revealed in the 'Name the Theme Day' contest on our FaceBook page. Each day, we release another letter in the name of the theme day and the first pre-registered player to correctly guess the name will receive a FREE case of paintballs at the event. Also, start watching Friday evenings on our FaceBook page for the return of LOF's trivia quiz to win free paint! Make sure and check out the 'Pictures' page for action photos from this weekend. Later!

             02/05/15 - Well, we're four days into our 'Name the Theme Day' contest (on FaceBook) and some have already wasted their guess by jumping the gun and guessing before they had any idea what the answer is. Don't forget that you must be a 'pre-registered player' in the March 28th theme day for your guess to win the case of paint. You only get ONE guess, so don't waste it. We're revealing one letter a day until someone guesses correctly. The letters are in no particular order. So, tune in to our FaceBook page and jump in on the fun. Don't forget to pre-register before Feb 14 (6PM) to get the most for your money. Up until Feb 14 (6PM), $30 will get you a guaranteed spot in the theme day, All Day Air, and Free Lunch. Starting Feb 15, pre-registration will be $25 for your walk-on and regular prices for everything else. Also, we've got fresh paint for this weekend (Feb 7 & 8) and it looks like a crowd is building, so come on out and jump in on the paint slinging!!!

             01/31/15 - Thanks to everyone who came out and played our new 'Superbowl' paintball game (invented by Corey Briggs). If our game reflects what is going to happen tomorrow, then neither team will score, but the Seahawks will gain more yardage. LOL. Happy birthday to both Corrin Vinez and Eli Foster who brought groups out to play today. Everyone enjoy the Superbowl tomorrow and watch the LOF Facebook page and website for the first letter in guessing the title of our March 28th theme day. Later

             01/29/15 - Pre-register for the first theme day of 2015 (to be held on Sat., Mar. 28) by 6PM this Saturday and $30 will get you: (1) a guaranteed spot in the game, (2) an All Day Air pass, (3) one bag of 500 paintballs, and (4) FREE lunch. WOW! After Sunday (Feb. 1), prices will go up. What's this theme day you ask? Well, that's for us to know and you to figure out. We're gonna give you a letter-a-day (starting on Sunday) in the title of the theme day. First person to correctly post the title on the LOF FaceBook page will get a FREE bag of paint! LOF team members are not eligible, so please don't guess. Come by or call ASAP! (828)891-2399

             01/11/15 - Had another GREAT weekend. We celebrated the birthdays of David and Daniel Biddix, Sylas Gonzalez and Drew Alverson, made some new friends, got reaquainted with some 'old school' LOFers, and had some great games. The weather was cool, but dry. We just wrapped up on Sunday evening when the mist started that later turned into a rain. Thanks to all that came out and slung paint with us. We have several groups already lined up for next weekend, so come on out and join in! See ya in the middle!

             01/04/15 - Wow! Had a great day on Saturday and Sunday despite the weather and power outage and everything else. Made some great new friends and had some awesome games! Look forward to posting the pictures and sharing the great times with everyone. Hats off to all the players who came out on Saturday and powered through the rain and mud and kept on playing all day long. No rain on Sunday, but there was plenty of mud to go around. Glad to hear that the next couple of days are supposed to be dry. The fields could use some drying up!! All ready got groups planned for next weekend, so come on out and join in on the fun.

             12/31/14 - Thanks to everyone who helped us have a great year in 2014. We look forward to having a lot more fun in 2015. LOF will be closed Dec. 31 through Jan. 2, but will reopen on Saturday (Jan. 3) for it's first 2015 action. Who will be the first player to eliminate someone in 2015? Who will be the first eliminated in 2015? Lots of questions will be answered this Saturday. Don't miss out. Doors open at 10am.

             11/28/14 - The weather is going to be perfect for paintballin' this weekend. We look forward to a crowd. Also, the cutoff for signing up for Santa vs Grinch and getting all the freebies is 12 midnight this Sunday. Next week is still a 'safe' time to place your Christmas orders for items we may not have in stock presently. After next week, you'll be taking a chance on missing out. Don't forget that Tippmann is offering $30 rebate on several of their guns purchased between now and the first of the year. And it pays to purchase them at Line of Fire because you get your 'Lifetime' Labor-Free Warranty.

             11/24/14 - Just a remnider that if you pre-register for Santa vs Grinch Theme Day by November 30, you'll get your guaranteed spot in the SvG game, FREE lunch, a FREE LOF Supertube full of paint and FREE Walk-on to Reindeer Games the following Saturday. Starting December 1, you'll only get your guaranteed spot in the SvG game. Call in and 'reserve' your spot in one of LOF's funnest theme days each year. There are limited spots, so don't wait and miss out. If you get the answering machine leave your name and number and we'll be in touch soon.

             11/21/14 - Just a reminder that tomorrow (Nov. 22) is a B.A.N.D. day (Bring A Newbie Day). Every LOF veteran (played at LOF at least once) can bring a Newbie (never played at LOF before) and get a FREE bag of paintballs! Limit one per player. Cannot be combined with other discounts or coupons. See y'all tomorrow!

             11/17/14 - Well, both Saturday AND Sunday ended up being good for paintballin'! We had birthday groups, church youth groups and saw the return of several 'old' LOF family members. Santa vs Grinch (SvG) has started to fill up, so don't wait and be left out. Register for the 80-player capped game ASAP! Got some new missions and props for this year's event that outta make it even better than the past. This is the 13th annual SvG and the score stands at 6 and 6! Who's gonna win the tie breaker this year?

             11/12/14 - Once again it looks like Saturdays weather will be much better than Sundays, so we're gonna suggest everybody push toward playing on Saturday if at all possible. We have a church youth group and several birthday parties already planning on slinging paint with us on Saturday. Meanwhile, Sunday and Monday are calling for a chance of rain/snow showers.

             11/10/14 - Congrats to all our 4F SQUAD (scenario team) members that went and helped NATO win this year's FULDA GAP event at COMMAND DECISIONS WARGAME CENTER in Statesville. Reports have it that NATO rolled over WARSAW this year! I'm sure our guys will have lots to tell this weekend.

             11/04/14 - We'd like to suggest to all players this weekend to come out on Saturday. The weather looks to be much better than what's predicted for Sunday. Best of luck to our scenario team, 4F SQUAD, that's traveling to Command Decisions Wargame Center to take part in the annual Fulda Gap event. Go NATO!!!

             10/28/14 - (Late)- MARVEL just released their next 8 movie dates this afternoon, so if you're a superhero movie fan, check out the dates on our 'Calendar' page and mark yours so you don't miss any.

             10/28/14 - Looks like the weather is gonna be dry but cool for this coming weekend, so bundle up and come on out. Saturday's games will have a little Halloween flavoring and we'll be playing from 10AM to 5PM. Then, Sunday we'll be open from 1PM to 6PM. Come work off all that Halloween candy!!!

             10/21/14 - Our next theme day is SANTA vs. GRINCH (SvG) on Sat., Dec. 13. The pre-registration list is open and we have players already signed up. This Theme Day will be limited to 65 players, so don't wait too long. All pre-regs in the month of October get a spot in the SvG, FREE lunch and FREE walk-on/air to REINDEER GAMES (12/20/14). All November pre-regs get a spot in the SvG and FREE walk-on/air to REINDEER GAMES. And all December pre-regs (if there's any left at that point) get a spot at SvG. Sign up ASAP!

             10/19/14 - Congratulations to the 'Rebel' forces for their victory over the 'Empire' in yesterday's STAR WARS Theme Day event. STAR WARS photos and videos are already up on the LOF FaceBook page and will be posted here soon.

             10/15/14 - Only a few spots remaining for playing in the STAR WARS Theme Day this Saturday (it's capped at 80 players). Call in and sign up ASAP! If we don't answer, leave your name and number and we'll return the call when we come in off the fields.

             10/8/14 - LOF will be CLOSED this Thursday (10/09/14), Friday (10/10/14) and Sunday (10/12/14), so if you want to play, make sure and come out on Saturday (10/11/14). We're getting reday for the STAR WARS Theme Day on Oct 18 (which there are only a couple of dozen spots left), so, if you've waited this long, you may wanna jump on registering to lock in your spot for what promises to be a theme day to be remembered! This Saturday is the last day to register AND be able to pick which side you're on. After Saturday, we reserve the right to place you on the side you are neede on. We've had a lot of players pick the Empire side, so we need a lot more rebels to register.

             09/25/14 - The rumors are true. The STAR WARS Theme Day has bee rescheduled for Sat., Oct 18, 2014. This gives everybody 3 more weeks to prepare for the epic battle and the 2 contests. Remember that 'Best Dressed' gets a FREE case of paintballs. (Costumes must be worn while playing). Our other 'Build-A-Droid' contests has our players building a life-size droid from old vaccuum cleaners, shop vacs, toasters, hair dryers and pretty much any old appliances laying around or being thrown away. The winner of this contest will get a FREE walk-on pass to every Saturday and Sunday in 2015 (excluding themedays and special events). The winning entry becomes property of LOF and will be used in the theme day on Oct. 18.all pre-registered players will be contacted by phone today or tomorrow to see if they want to transfer their walk-on to Oct 18 or not. Don't hesitate if you haven't signed up. Over half the spots are gone, and when they're gone, thry're GONE. Gonna be a great time! Meanwhile this Saturday (Sept. 27) and Sunday (Sept. 28) will be regular 'wak-on' days.

             09/17/14 - LOF will be closed on Thursday (Sept. 18) and Friday (Sept. 19) to prepare for our Star Wars event (Sept. 27). If you're calling to sign up for this event and don't get an answer, please leave your name and number and we'll return your call ASAP! Thanks.

             09/09/14 - Sign up for STAR WARS Theme Day ASAP! Call in this week (even though we'll be closed all week) and get registered for an awesome game. If you don't get answered, leave your name and number and we'll contact you. Don't miss out!

             09/02/14 - SEPTEMBER! How did we get in September?! Man, things have flown by this year, but there's still lots of good things to come. In less than a month we'll be holding our STAR WARS Theme Day (and it's filling up fast). Two contests at this theme day. The usual 'Best Dressed' who takes home a FREE Case of paintballs and our 'Build-A-Droid' contest. The winner of this one gets a FREE pass/all day air to all Saturdays and Sundays (excluding theme days and specials) in 2015 at LOF. The missions will be based on the original 3 chapters of Star Wars (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) so watch them and you'll be one step ahead on gameday. Sign up ASAP!

             08/26/14 - Players, keep in mind that LOF is CLOSED this Saturday (Aug. 30), so if you're planning to play this weekend, come on Sunday (Aug. 31). We'll also be running special hours on Monday (Sept. 1) 10AM to 3PM. We have a local church group coming out and everyone's welcome to come jump in on the fun!

             08/19/14 - Okay, last Saturday was our 'Back to School' Special. This Saturday is our 'BACK IN SCHOOL' Special. Go to school. Make new friends. Invite them to come play paintball at LOF. Bring them with you when you come Saturday. For every 2 new players (never played at LOF before) that play under your name, you'll get (1) FREE bag of 500 paintballs. Looks to be a crowd building so come jump in on the fun!

             08/15/14 - Players, make sure and take advantage of LOF's 'Back to School' Special. Come out this Saturday (Aug 16) and bring a friend who needs a 'Player's Package', then you purchase a bag of paintballs and you'll receive a FREE bag of 500 paintballs! Limit one per player. LOF is closed today (Friday).

             08/01/14 - Looks like a great Saturday lining up tomorrow. Everybody needs to come out on Saturday as LOF is closed on Sunday (Aug 3). We are also closed for private groups on Monday and Tuesday (Aug 4 and 5). See everybody tomorrow.

             07/22/14 - Looking forward to a drier weekend coming up. Already have lots of players. Come out and enjoy the target-rich environment.

             07/19/14 - It's wet, but we got players. Bring your snorkels and fins! LOL.

             07/18/14 - What an AWESOME Summer camp!!! Thanks so much to Jason 'Foolybear' Lineberger for making learning so much fun and his sponsor, PLANET ECLIPSE for all the cool freebies (lanyards, t-shirts, stickers, patches, etc). Congrats to Caleb Nave on winning the TIPPMANN CRONUS ELITE marker! All our campers received a FREE pass to the 2014/2015 theme day of their choice. Did you miss out? Then sign up NOW for our 2015 SUMMER CELEBRITY PAINTBALL CAMP. First 20 campers to register get in for $250. After that, it's $300.00.

             07/16/14 - Another great day of camp. Our attendees are getting better and better. Tomorrow is the last day and it's always a let down when it's over, but the weekend is coming and several people are bringing groups. See everyone this weekend.

             07/15/14 - It's that time again! LOF's SUMMER CELEBRITY PAINTBALL CAMP kicks of tomorrow morning at 9AM. Our campers will enjoy 3 days of being taught by one of paintballs BEST, Jason 'Foolybear' Lineberger. Lots of fun in store for the rest of this week (and we can take a break from all the summer groups for a few days).

             07/06/14 - Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend and helped us celebrate the 4th! We had a father/son on Saturday use their JULY SUPER SPECIAL pass for the first time. Guess we'll be seeing lots more of them this month. Saturday, our D5 3-Man team, LOF FATAL EFFECTS, traveled to Greenville, SC and claimed the 1st Place in their division. Congrats, guys! Sunday was a bit slow for walk-ons, but our scenario team, 4F SQUAD, got in a great practice before opening time. Got a lot of players scheduled for this week, but it's mostly private groups, so if you're interested in playing, check out the 'Calendar' page and see if the fields are available on the day you want to play. There's only a few days left to sign up for LOF's Summer Celebrity Paintball Camp. You wanna PLAY like the pros? You need to LEARN from the pros! We hear Foolybear has a few surprise 'Guest Instructors' showing up this year. Don't miss out. Call in (828-891-2399) and sign up today!!!

             07/04/14 - HAPPY 4th of JULY to all! LOF is closed today so we can prepare for this weekend. We got hit with a lot of groups this week and we're still collecting/cleaning props from last Saturday's theme day. Players, remember you've got through Sunday (07/06) to take advantage of our JULY SUPER SPECIAL! Just pay $74.14 (based on July 4, 2014), and you get to play every Saturday and Sunday in July with FREE Walk-on, FREE All-Day Air and (1) FREE bag of paintballs (500 rd). That's a value of $245.44 and a savings of $171.30!!!! Basically, it boils down to "Do I want to play today for $50 or do I want to play ALL MONTH (up to 8 times) for $74.14". Hurry before you miss out!

             06/30/14 - You've only got a few days to take advantage of our JULY SUPER SPECIAL! Just pay $74.14 (based on July 4, 2014), and you get to play every Saturday and Sunday in July with FREE Walk-on, FREE All-Day Air and (1) FREE bag of paintballs (500 rd). That's a value of $245.44 and a savings of $171.30!!!! Hurry before you miss out!

             06/29/14 - Thannks to everyone who came out and played the Monty Python HOLY GRAIL Theme Day yesterday. Hard to decide a winning team as the rain ended things early. Congrats to the winners in our drawings. Joseph Lawter landed the MVP award for all his efforts throughout the day. Nicholas Montaperto and Luke Perryman split the 'Best Dressed' award and a case of paint. Bubba Neeley won a Tippmann Gryphon marker. Bobby Price won a Tippmann Cronus Elite marker, but, in a noble gesture, gave it to Blake Kelley who was celebrating his 13th birthday at LOF on the theme day. Paintball guys are so cool!

             06/25/14 - If you're planning a trip to our fields in the next couple of weeks, we advise you to periodically check the 'Calendar' page as private groups have changed their dates and we've had to move some events. Thanks.

             06/24/14 - This Saturday is our annual HOLY GRAIL Theme Day. Don't miss out on one of the funnest events at LOF each year. Call in and reserve your spot in this limited player game. $25 locks in your spot. We apologize if you tried to call in between Saturday and Monday. Lightning messed up most of the phone lines in the area during a really bad storm on Friday.

             06/18/14 - Thanks to all the father/son groups that came out last Sunday for our Father's Day Special. Your games were amazing and we got pictures to prove it. We have several days this week that we are closed for 'Private' groups and we're gonna have to close on Thursday as well. The groups and grass mowing have eaten up all our time and we've gotta get some stuff done for the HOLY GRAIL Theme Day (just 9 days away). Hope to see a lot of you this weekend.

             06/10/14 - WOW! It's definately Summer again. Things are in full swing around here. We've had some SUPER weekend groups and more and more weekday groups. We will be closed tomorrow (Wednesday) for a private group. Don't forget that every paying player can bring dad out for FREE this Sunday for our Father's Day Special. All dad has to pay for is paint. Speaking of SPECIALS, don't miss out on our JULY 4th SPECIAL. For only $74.14 (get it.....? 7-4-14?) you get access to unlimited FREE play (includes walk-on, all day air, and one bag of paintballs) on every Saturday and Sunday in July!!! That's a $245.44 value for ONLY $74.14. Hurry, cause the deadline for Signup is July 1st. Summer Camp, Holy Grail, Tippmann Sundays, Nightgames and lots more coming. Keep checking back!

             05/31/14 - Thanks to everyone who came out today and shared some great times with us. Remember that LOF will be CLOSED tomorrow (June 1), but we'll resume our normal Spring hours on Wednesday, June 4.

             05/26/14 - LOF's next theme day, HOLY GRAIL, is just around the corner (June 28)and many players have already signed up. All those that pre-register BEFORE June 16 will get FREE lunch and a few other surprises. You don't want to miss this one. It's one of the funnest and zaniest theme days we hold each year. Lots of awesome prizes have been obtained for giveaways throughout the day and more sponsors are adding prizes each day. Click here to see a video of last year's HOLY GRAIL action. Sign up ASAP.

             05/26/14 - We'd like to take a moment and say "Thanks" to those that gave everything so the rest of us can live our 'normal' lives in this US. Line of Fire is forever greatful for the sacrifices so many have given over the years. Thanks to everyone who came out this past weekend. We had so many players we hadn't seen in a while (many from the 2006/2007 era) that it seemed like a 'homecoming' event. It was awesome catching up on everyone's lives and what they've been up to. Relationships is what keeps us in the sport!

             05/09/14 - Okay kiddies, hold onto your hats. We got a lotta changes coming your way. First off..... our galaxy far, far away just got a little further away. After considering players schedules, weather probabilities, prop building time required, and about 5000 other variables, we've really shaken up our theme day schedule for the rest of the year. Star Wars has been pushed from May 24th to Sept 20. The next theme day to plan on is June 28 when we'll hold our annual MONTY PYTHON'S HOLY GRAIL Theme Day (a crowd favorite), next in line is the WALKING DEAD (Part II) on Aug 02 and then STAR WARS Theme Day on Sept. 20 and the last theme day of 2014 will be SANTA vs GRINC on Dec. 13 followed by REINDEER GAMES on Dec. 20. It's all updated on the 'Calendar Page'. Anyone who pre-paid for the Star Wars Theme Day can transfer their spot to any of the upcoming theme days. More to come, so check back.

             05/07/14 - Man, I can't believe how fast this year is ripping by. It's already time for our annual Mother's Day Special this Sunday. Every playing player can bring Mom, Grandma or wife (if she's a mother) for FREE. We also have some special games just for the moms. Always fun. See you all this weekend.

             04/27/14 - Now THAT was a perfect weather weekend for paintball. Our D6 team, LOF VENOM, traveled down to PBC in Greenville, SC on Saturday for the 3-Man Tournament and came home with 2nd place. Our Scenario team, 4F SQUAD, had an awesome practice early Sunday morning before opening to the public. And, we had some awesome players out both Saturday AND Sunday. Looking forward to next weekend. Don't forget to sign up for the May 24th STAR WARS Theme Day BEFORE May 1 and you get to play on Sunday, May 4th for FREE. (May the 4th be with you!) FREE Walk-on and FREE All Day Air, just pay for paint. We'll also be giving away a Tippmann TiPX Pistol on May 4th so that's a good day to be here. For those still thinking about our Summer Celebrity Paintball Camp (July 14-18) taught by Mike '55' Paxson of the World Champion LA IRONMEN and Scenario legend, Jason 'Foolybear' Lineberger', make sure to sign up BEFORE May 1st to save $50 per session. That's a savings of $100!!! More to come, so check back often.

             04/07/14 - Had a great weekend with lots of birthdays, schools and church groups. Pictures are finally up for viewing on the 'Pictures' page so check them out. LOF will be CLOSED this Wednesday (Apr. 09), but will resume regular hours on Thursday. Star Wars is filling up, so don't wait much longer. Call 828-891-2399 or 828-290-8470 to pre-register ASAP.

             04/03/14 - Money saving offer: Pre-register for LOF's May 24th Star Wars Theme Day either today, Friday or Saturday and save $10. For $35 (+tax) down you get walk-on, All Day Air and 500 paintballs (normally $45 +tax). Hurry and sign up before it's full. Call 828-891-2399 or 828-290-8470. Also, LOF's Summer Celebrity Paintball Camp is set and ready for sign up. Two sessions are being offered this year: July 14-16, when World Champion Player, Mike Paxson (LA Ironmen) will be teaching the secrets of tournament ball to our campers. Session 2: July 16-18, will focus on the scenario side of our sport and be lead by scenario legend, Jason "Foolybear" Lineberger. Cost per session is $275.00 or take both for $500. A full week of paintball action, lead by two of our sports very best, with paint, air, meals, snacks and lots of freebies to boot! All for only $500! But wait.... you can save money by signing up early. Sign up by May 1st and you'll save $50 per session. Sign up by June 15 and you'll still save $25 per session. And you don't have to pay in full up front. Simply pay $100 (per session) to hold your spot and pay the remainder on July 1. This summer is gonna ROCK!!!

             03/30/14 - Stay tuned and check back here as we'll be making a money saving annoucement this Wednesday about pre-registering for the upcoming Star Wars Theme Day for a reduced rate.

             03/28/14 - Happy Birthday to someone who always adds to and makes our theme days interesting, Richard ('Mr. Theme Day') Powell. Hope it's a great one, Richard!!!

             03/10/14 - A great weekend for the LOF History books! Our D6 team (LOF VENOM: Daniel Gibbs, Nick Montaperto, Stephen Blankenship & Matt Spence) traveled to Welford, SC to compete in the CFOA 3-Man Tournament. Coming off a disappointing turnout last month (we failed going to finals due to a major penalty for a hot gun), the guys took First Place. Our D5 team (AKIMBO ASSASSINS: Ryan Boykin, Zac Chapman & David Burns) accompanied them and took Second Place in their division. Meanwhile, to the east, our scenario team (4F SQUAD: Dave Reed, Paul Pappas, Chris Petit, James Pratt, Paul Reed, 'Pops' Watson & Nick Waites) traveled to Command Decisions Wargame Center in Taylorsville, NC and helped the 'Green Team' claim the victory at the PLATOON LEADER MAG-FED ONLY event. Here at home we had a super crowd of players including three birthday parties.

             03/03/14 - It was so nice to have good weather and great turnouts for our WILD WEST Theme Day on Saturday and airsoft on Sunday. Congrats to the 'Blue' team for winning the WILD WEST THEME DAY. The final score was 3870 to 3710. It's true that the 'Red' team (aka: Ramrod Ranch) ruled the field and most of the mission throughout the day, but a 'lucky' spin for the value of 'gold' and the lack of 'red' players in the final mission handed the victory to the 'Blue' team (aka: Ethan's Acres Ranch). Regardless, it was an awesomely fun day! Why? Because we had some great players with awesome (fun) attitudes playing a well planned theme day written by Arden Gilreath (her first ever). Players have already started pre-registering for May 24th's STAR WARS Theme Day. Sunday saw our first ever airsoft event at LOF. A great group of sportsmen made our initial event an awesome time for all. We look forward to the next.

             02/22/14 - Okay, last week to pre-sign for this Saturday's WILD WEST Theme Day and ONLY pre-signers will be allowed in the 'Quick Draw' Competition. The winner of the quick draw competition will go home with a Tippmann TiPX marker! So call in (828-891-2399 or 828-290-8470) and sign up before 6PM on Friday. Share this with friends.

             02/20/14 - Can't wait to see Saturday's awesome weather. Winter may finally be losing her grip on us. Sounds like we'll have a crowd on Saturday. More and more players are signing up for the WILD WEST Theme Day on March 1. It should be a great time, but we're gonna make it even better. We decided to pass on a deal to all the theme day lover's out there. If you pre-sign (one week in advance) for the Wild West, Star Wars and Walking Dead Theme Days, were gonna let you have Santa vs Grinch pre-sign for FREE! So, sign up for the Wild West Theme Day before closing (6PM) on Saturday night and you'll be 1/3 of the way to a FREE walk-on to SvG in December. Wild West is limited to 60 players. Star Wars and Walking Dead will be limited to 80 players. Don't miss out. Sign up ASAP!

             02/1/14 - Thanks to all the players that came out for our Valentine's Day Special, especially all the ladies. Had quite a few returns from last year's Valentine's event. Most of them won prizes last year and again THIS year! Looks like winter may finally be on the way out and we got lots of chatter on our Facebook page about players coming out over the next 2 weekends. This Saturday is a regular 'open walk on' day and the following Saturday (March 1) is our WILD WEST THEME DAY. Our theme days tend to pull the 'funner' (if that's a word) players out and we always look forward to them. Don't forget. only 60 players get to play the theme day, so call in (828-891-2399 or 828-290-8470) and pre-register to guarantee yourself a spot. Yippe Ki Ah! It's gonna be a blast!

             02/11/14 - Players, don't forget that this Saturday is LOF's VALENTINE'S SPECIAL when every paying guy can bring a gal for FREE! It doesn't have to be your better half. It can be a girlfriend, mom, aunt, grandma, etc, basically any special gal in your life. We always have a blast at this event with special games to win prizes throughout the day. See ya'll here.

             02/10/14 - Well, this past Saturday was pretty good weather and we had a good turnout of players, but Sunday was..... AWESOME! That's the best weather we've had yet this year! So we will now pause and let everyone who DIDN'T come out take time to give themselves a good swift kick in the rear. No, really.... go ahead.... we'll wait. Okay, mother nature's gonna hit us again this week (looks like mainly on Wednesday) so we'll likely have a little remenants to play in this coming weekend. Well, as they say, "When life gives you lemons,....". Players are continuing to pre-sign for our March 1 WILD WEST THEME DAY as everyone who locks in a spot before Feb 15 gets FREE lunch. Glad to report that 'Milkshake' and some of his buds will be venturing up from SC for the event and our brothers in arms from the Alternative sport, Wes Riley and his crew will be coming down from TN to sling paint that day as well. It's gonna be a blast! Sign up ASAP!!! Call the field at 828-891-2399 or 828-290-8470.

             02/07/14 - Looks like we're gonna have some nice weather this weekend to sling some paint. And, have we got a special for you! LOF EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - Tomorrow Only (Saturday, Feb. 8) Field Fee/All Day Air and a case of 2000 paintballs or Rental Equip/All Day Air/Case of 2000 paintballs $50.00 + TAX. Good from 10:00AM - 12:00PM (while supplies last). Get here early!

             02/01/14 - Thanks to all the players that came out today and helped us bring in a new month and celebrate the Superbowl a day early. Hats off to Arden on her chili. I think everybody enjoyed it. I know I did. Happy Birthday to Cole Doster who brought his gang out to celebrate his 13th birthday (a few days late). Glad to see Calvin Lance finally break in his new Tippmann Cronos that he got for Christmas (through Line of Fire). The Wells boys showed up and we gotta say that Doug had a 'golden' day! And several future LOF team members made it out to play. We had some really good games and the weather was awesome. LOF will be closed tomorrow but we hope everyone gets to enjoy Superbowl Sunday with family and friends. Everybody think positive for good weather again next weekend!

             01/31/14 - Well, for the first time this year, it looks like we're gonna have FANTASTIC weather for paintballin' this Saturday. We'll also be celebrating the Superbowl on Saturday by giving every paying player a FREE bowl of chili and cornbread (other food will be available for charge). We're gonna close on Sunday due to the Superbowl and the predicted weather, so come out on Saturday and sling some paint with us! Go Broncos!

             01/24/14 - Warmer temps tomorrow and even higher on Sunday should bring players out. We have quite a few scheduled for Sunday including a local camp bringing 20 players out. See y'all here.

             01/22/14 - Well we're not covered in snow like our front page picture, but it's cold enough to think we are. LOF will be closed today and hopefully reopen at regular hours tomorrow. We hope the majority of you can stay home and stay warm. Looks like Saturday may warm up and give us a break so we can play some ball.

             01/17/14 - Had a few players today and expecting a small crowd tomorrow. Come sling some paint with us.

             01/15/14 - Snow flurries today, Sunny tomorrow, Snow on Friday.... and the chaos continues. Not to fret, we have plenty of players coming out this Saturday to play, so make plans to be here with us. We may even have a few surprises in store. Mwhahahaha..!

             01/11/14 - Rain, Thunder, Lightning..... we're in that 'unpredictable weather' time of season, but fortunately, tomorrow looks to be a good day to play. Several said they'll be here so we'll open at 1PM and play till it's too dark to see. We posted a lot of upcoming dates on the 'Calendar' page including several 2014 theme days. Mark your calendars now, cause 2014 is gonna rock!

             01/07/14 - It's COLD!

             01/01/14 - HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Hope you'll join us this Saturday (Jan. 04) on our first play day of 2014. To celebrate, we're offering a coupon (by clicking here) to save you $6.00 when you come play this Saturday. Just print the coupon and bring it with you to save! Also, the 14th paying player will get a very special treat! Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

             12/27/13 - WOW! We had some great groups out this past Thursday and sounds like a lot are coming back this Saturday. They'll be sharing the field with all the other local players coming out to show off (and break in) their new Christmas toys. Tyler Petit was the first player to bring a marker he got for Christmas (from LOF) to play and we gotta say, his Azodin Kaos Pump marker stacked up quite a few kills on Thursday. See everybody tomorrow morning!

             12/22/13 - If you haven't finished your last minute Christmas shopping, you'd better get cracking! LOF is here to help with last minute shopping hours from 11AM to 4PM both Monday (Dec 23) and Tues (Dec 24). We almost sold out of Tippmann markers last week but still have a few and more coming in Tomorrow (Monday). Some are already pre-sold, but there are still A-5's, 98's, and Chronos available. Don't forget that A5's and 98's qualify for a $30 mail-in rebate and the FT-12 for a $20 Rebate. If you're not sure what to get your paintballer, grab them a LOF GIFT CARD and let them do the shopping! Thanks to all that played with us in 2013 and helped us have a great year. We met so many new friends this year! We look forward to serving you all in the upcoming year and sharing new adventures (like airsoft and lasertag) with each of you. Merry Christmas from everyone at LOF!!!

             12/14/13 - Congrats to the Grinch (Cody Miller), Max (David Burns) and their gremlins on winning this year's Santa vs Grinch Theme Day at LOF. But it didn't go without a fight! Players began the morning during a torential downpour which ended before the first mission was over. It didn't rain at all for the remaining missions throughout the day. We finally wrapped up just beforee dark with the Grinch as the victor. Pics to come. Keep checking back.

             12/10/13 - Just a few days till SANTA VS GRINCH! Things are coming together and it looks to be an action-filled theme day. Still a few spots left so call in ASAP if you want in on an awesome time.

             12/08/13 - Several players from LOF traveled to THE ALTERNATE SPORT PAINTBALL in Blountville, TN yesterday to attend the last SMACKZ NATION PUMPERS event for 2013. It was a blast. Thanks so much to the staff and players at TAS for making us feel so welcome and showing us such a great time. Can't wait for the 2014 SNP Scedule to be released. Check out the action photos (taken by Arden) on the 'pictures' page here or on our Facebook page.

             12/01/13 - Thanks to all who came out and played this weekend. Friday was an awesome day. It started late as a lot of our players were apparently out shopping (Black Friday Sales), but they ended the day right by coming out and slinging some balls with us. In fact, we played till we just couldn't see anymore. Lots of fun. Saturday brought out some 'old familiar faces' which included 2 groups that we see every Thanksgiving weekend. Sunday was our slower day, but had lots pre-register for the Santa vs Grinch Theme Day. In fact over half the spots are gone. Remember that this game is limited to 60 players. Once those spots are gone you'll have to wait another year to take part in this awesome theme day. Sign up soon!