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The objective of this page is to provide players who haven't enjoyed our glorious sport before and are a little bit apprehensive about coming out with some basic information about the sport. Below you will find some frequently asked questions.

What is paintball?

     Paintball is a relatively new sport, only about 26 years old. It started out with just a handful of players in the woods shooting at their friends. The basic idea is that you use a marker, which is powered by some sort of compressed gas, to shoot paintballs at players on the opposing team, with the desire of breaking one on them somewhere, putting them out of the game. The paintballs themselves consist of a solidified form of gel for a shell, and then a liquefied form of gel for the center. They are completely water soluble, meaning they dissolve completely in water over time.

Will it hurt when I get hit? Is paintball a dangerous sport?

     This is probably the main reason newer players don't try paintball, they're afraid it will hurt. First of all, I won't lie to you, a small object will be impacting somewhere on your body at a relatively high speed. This can hurt, and every now and then you may be hit in a sensitive spot. However, the fact that we keep the shooting speed down to 265 feet per second means that when you are hit, it is only enough to let you know that you've been hit. Also, our rules require players to ask for a 'surrender' from 15 or less feet away, which further reduces the possibility that you will be hit from a short distance. As far as paintball being a dangerous sport, nothing could be farther from the truth. Think about other sports. Golf for example. In 1997, there were almost 50% more reported injuries resulting from accidents on golf courses than there were from paintball fields. Take football for example, our nation's favorite pastime. Hundreds of people are crippled every year playing this sport, even when all of the safety guidelines set down by the NFL and the other national organizations are followed. Paintball has a national organization called the NPPL (National Paintball Player's League) which sets down a VERY long list of rules and guidelines designed to keep players safe and having fun. At Line of Fire, we follow the same safety guidelines that the NPPL has deemed to be acceptable. Referees attend referee school so that they can enforce the rules and keep everyone safe.

How expensive is it to play paintball?

     This is the second most influencial reason for players not to participate. Paintball can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Some players come out thinking they have to have 'the best' equipment to compete. Nothing is further from the truth. Our staff enjoys playing with simple 'pump' markers as they shoot less paint and it makes them better players by having to concentrate on each shot more than they would if they could just 'hose down' the field (using a 'semi-automatic' marker) hoping to hit something or someone. Our basic Player Package is only $30.70 and it covers an all-day field fee, all rental equipment necessary to play, and 500 paintballs. This amount of ammo is good for about a half-day of play. On average, most players will get this 'Player Package' and often buy (1) more bag of 500 paintballs at $10. Our group rates are based on tens. If you pay for 9 players, your 10th player gets their Field Fee and Equipment Rental Fee for FREE (all they have to pay for is paint). Also, our retail computers keep up with your visits to LOF and automatically gives you every 10 visit FREE as well. Let us plan your next corporate or group event by calling 828-891-2399.

Does the paint wash out? What should I wear?

     This question is asked more by parents with younger players than by players themselves, but yes, it does wash out very well and almost never leaves behind any stains. You will be running through woods at times during the day, however, so don't wear anything that you value too highly. We suggest wearing 'layers' which will help protect you and allow you to 'strip down' between games to cool off.

Should I worry about being 'out-gunned'?

     It's understandable to see 'newbies' intimidated by 'veteran' players with more experience (and usually better equipment). Paintball, however, is a unique sport that seems to pull the 'best' people out to play. It's amazing how our 'regular' players are so willing to take a newbie 'under their wing' and share techniques and information. This sport is, of course, a great team-building experience as players must trust and rely on each other to complete their objectives in the games. If you're looking for a safe, fun-filled day of excitement, let us show you how it's done!