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At Line of Fire, safety comes first. Before anyone walks onto the field to play a game, they must be given a detailed safety briefing and explanation of rules by a qualified referee. While inside the safe areas (the main building and the observation booth,) players MUST put a barrel sock on the barrel of their gun (barrel plugs are no longer allowed). Players who fail to do this will have a piece of pink tape tied to their facemask by a referee. The player will then be warned and forced to sit out (1) game. The same happens if a player removes their facemask outside of the safe areas. The pink tape is to remind the player not to repeat the offense. If a referee observes a player repeating either of these offenses, he will be asked to turn in any rental equipment he may be using and leave the field. Before the players are allowed on the field, their marker must be chronographed. This involves firing three shots over a radar speed detector to check the velocity at which the marker is firing. Line of Fire's maximum field speed is 265 feet per second. This helps to ensure a fun-filled day for all of the players including any younger players. Referees are constantly observing all games to assure that all players abide by set rules and that everyone has a good time.