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923 Gilreath Loop  Road, Horse Shoe

NC, 28742

Phone 828-891-2399





             LOF's SECTION 8 Scenario team's debut in 2006 breathed life back into scenario play at LOF. The S8 core team, which was already active, formed a symbiotic relationship with LOF and is looking for new members. If you are a stand-up, non-cheating, fun-loving player...give us a call.


             2007 SECTION 8 TEAM: Sponsored by Line of Fire Paintfields, Tippmann Sports, TACAMO and Archon Paintball.




Dan Wankel (c)

Eddie Hendricks (c)

Michael Leech





David Johnson

Brandon Johnson

Van Bush





Andy Saliba

Bryan Saliba

Fredy Castillo





Clay Mathis

Tony Ledwell





             TIPPMANN'S A-5 marker is the chosen weapon of LOF's SECTION 8 Scenario Team. Below are just a few of the endless A5 set-ups used by SECTION 8 and available through LOF's Retail Store. Whether purchasing your first A-5 or wanting to 'customize' your existing A-5, give us a call.





             Of course, a "top-of-the-line" marker deserves a "top-of-the-line" paint. Section 8 'swears by' ZAP CHRONIC (ORANGE). Though commonly reffered to as a 'tournament' paint, ZAP CHRONIC (ORANGE) has been 'battle tested'. ZAP CHRONIC and TIPPMANN A-5 markers are truly a 'match made in heaven'. Ask any member of Section 8 about their experiences with these 2 products and watch 'em smile!



             Not everyone is able to fulfill the requirements to stay on a 'sponsored' team. Below are several members that, due to family, distance, time, money or previous commitments were unable to keep up their position on the Section 8 team. Fortunately, most still play paintball and Section 8 is glad to have them tag along and play at various events. We look forward to their return to the Section 8 roster one day.  



Nathan Adams (2006)

Chris Cote (2006)

Josh Cote (2006)





Daniel Pressley (2006)

Christy Pressley (2006)

Tony Bonetti (2007)






Jeremy Barnes (2007)