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05/22/10 - Today's STAR TREK Theme Day found the Federation Forces battling the Klingon Empire for control of our universe. Lots of action and lots of fun throughout the day. Here, both sides receive a pre-mission briefing (from the Owen boys) so they understand their goals and the mission's rules.


05/22/10 - The main objective in Mission 1 was to visit 3 seperate DILITHIUM CRYSTAL MINES and collect enough of each color to win the mission. Some mines were readily available while others were deep in enemy territory which triggered several awesome firefights.


05/22/10 - If players were smart, they took advantage of the M113 SALT VAMPIRE, which they could offer a salt block (hidden all over the course). In return for the tasty treat, the Salt Vampire would destroy the first 5 players from the opposing team he ran into. Michael Owen played the part of the creature quite well.


05/22/10 - Mission 2 was a 'two parter'. In the first half, the Federation was attempting to find a fuel cell and a repair kit (hidden in the large woods course) so they could repair a damaged station and leave the planet. Meanwhile, the Klingon forces were frantically searching for a weapon to stop the shuttlecraft from leaving. If the Klingons found the rocket launcher, all they need do was fire the Nerf .....PHOTON TORPEDO and destroy the shuttlecraft. The Federation was successful.


05/22/10 - The second half of Mission 2 called for the Klingons to carry out a devious plan. They were to travel through the Guardian of Forever, sending them back in time, in an attempt to assassinate an Andorian ambassador before a peace treaty with the Federation was signed. To win the mission, the Klingons had to locate a sniper rifle and ammo (in seperate locations in the city field) and 'make the shot' on the ambassador whose location was known to all. The Federation could spoil their plans by either preventing the shot until time ran out or locating a rocket launcer and destroying the building the Klingon assassin was taking the shot from. Even though the Klingons DID find the ammo and gun, but Federation was successful in running the clock out.


05/22/10 - Again, both teams received a pre-mission briefing before the battle began. Here players are given tips and hints for the third mission on the 'City' course.


05/22/10 - The objective of Mission 3? Place as many TRIBBLES in the enemy's engine room as you could. The trick was, there were 3 windows you could place tribbles in. Each worth more points the closer they were to the 'bridge' of the ship. Once a team ran out of tribbles they could deliver 3 PHOTON TORPEDOES through the 'bridge window', blowing up the enemy ship, winning the mission, and adding all the points for the 'delivered' tribbles to their pre-existing score. Once a player left their ship to deliver a tribble, they could no longer be shot with a paintball marker, they could only be hit with a water balloon. In the heat of the day, this was a welcome relief and many players were found running out in the open just to get hit and cool off. Incidentally, a major water balloon battle insued after the mission was completed. Lots of cool, wet fun!


05/22/10 - To begin Mission 4, both teams were to try and aquire the SWORD OF KAHLESS. Coming down to a footrace, the Klingons aquired the objective and amassed major points. Then the Borg showed up and things got real nasty.


05/22/10 - The Borg showed up in the last mission and threatened to 'assimilate' all who opposed them.


05/22/10 - If either team was actually able to 'beam aboard' the Borg Cube, they were required to play a round of Alien Autopsy to blow the cube up and win the game. Sound easy?......YOU try fighting intensely for 20 or 30 minutes and then steady your shaking hands to win the game. Ask Aaron Kerr, he was able to successfully defeat the game and destroy the cube as his teammates fought it out in the city field.


05/22/10 - We've never handed out 'Bronze Star' awards at LOF. But maybe we should. Shown above, player, Daniel Eargle, didn't miss a beat in covering Hunter Denney's head when her helmet accidentally slipped off during an intense firefight in the 3rd ('Tribbles') mission. Thanks to all the other players as well, who instantly followed our 'Cease Fire/Man Down' rules. This is what paintball is ALL ABOUT! Everybody being a 'family' and making sure each other are safe and having a great time. Our hats are off to you, Daniel and our thanks.


05/22/10 - After the STAR TREK theme was finished, players continued to closing, playing 'regular' paintball while the staff handed out prizes and awards. Best dressed went to ADAM PETERS for his Federation outfit.


05/22/10 - As Honorable Mentions for Best Dressed, we gotta say 'hats off' to Jonathan 'Old Crow' Foust and his son, Gabriel. These gents weren't able to win this contest as they were attending as VIP's, covering the event for ACTION PURSUIT MAGAZINE, the longest running paintball magazine ever (since 1987). These guys are both regular contributers to APG and have had several LOF Theme Day articles printed. 'Old Crow' often writes on making 'costumes on a budget'. Keep checking for the next few issues of APG, you'll probably see an article on Today's event.


05/22/10 - LOF's MVP award was assigned by a LOF staff vote. Congrats to HEATHER CHEEK for being LOF's 2010 START TREK MVP! Heather's persistance and aggressive play earned her this award.


05/22/10 - FINAL SCORE: Federation - 1500 / Klingon - 1300.

For LOTS MORE 'action' photos from the STAR TREK Theme Day, click here.