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01/23/10 - The 'MARINE FORCE RECON' team lead by the Command 56 Paintball group won today's event by a score of 1750 to 1500.


01/23/10 - The 'TERRORISTS/SPETSNAZ' team headed by the gang from Burlington.


01/23/10 - The 'GENERALS' for the teams were Arthur Shultz for the 'Spetsnaz' and James Shafer for the 'Marines'. Each of them received a commemorative LOF COD:MW2 Dog Tag for their services.


01/23/10 - FIRE TEAM DRAGON (aka the 'BURLINGTON BOYS') was the group to travel the farthest to play in the COD:MW2 Theme Day and will each receive a FREE PASS to our next theme day, BLACKHAWK DOWN on 03/20/10. We look forward to having them back.


01/23/10 - We were honored to have the COMMAND 56 PAINTBALL GROUP return to play. These guys have become 'regulars' at LOF's theme days and add a whole lotta fun to each one.


01/23/10 - Visiting LOF for the first time was TEAM BAD APPLES from the Ellenboro/Bostic area. Hurry back guys.


01/23/10 - COD:MW2 script writers, Michael and Rick Owen, gave briefings before each mission to clarify objectives and boundaries. Hats off to them both for another successful theme day.


01/23/10 - Our panel of judges just couldn't decided on a locked vote for 'Best Dressed' so we awarded our top 2 winners - Taylor Johnson (pictured) and Gregory Gromek. Both of these 'best dressed' players will receive a FREE CASE of paintballs.


01/23/10 - The Terrorist (Spetsnaz) successfully held the Marine's Humvee Convoy (Warthog) and prevented it from crossing the finish line mere feet away. The Marines did cross the half-way mark which earned them 250 points, but the Terrorist (Spetsnaz) were awarded 500 for achieving the mission.


01/23/10 - After the first mission was over and the smoke cleared (literally) we could see the Humvee (Warthog) got a new paintjob.


01/23/10 - Here's the view from the AC 130 Gunship the Marines had at their disposal.


01/23/10 - Our MVP award went to Matthew Newcomer for 'taking out the AC 130 Gunship' with a LAWS (Nerf) rocket. Matthew received a commemorative LOF COD:MW2 Dog Tag for his efforts.




01/23/10 - Rick and Michael Owen. Take a bow gents, you done good!

Several 'action' photos from the day's activities can be viewed by clicking here.